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ability to use two languages. Fluency in a second language requires skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing, although in practice some of those skills are often considerably less developed than others.
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Instead of using the JNI bridging code to integrate and interoperate between these two kinds of heterogeneous objects, we tend to couple them into a hybrid polylingual object (HPO).
(2) Even if published in the mid-eighties, however, this polylingual narrative makes Puppet read more like a post-Borderlands novella than as a narrative that predates Anzaldua's text by two years.
This way we help them not to lose touch with their French roots and perhaps in secondary school they can become polylingual." * Anyone with accommodation suitable for kindergarten classes with kitchen and courtyard facilities preferably in the centre of Cardiff is asked to e-mail lapetite
We do find some examples of older women inspiring younger ones: Rosemary Radford Reuther, for example, writes in appreciation of her intellectual, polylingual, and spiritually formidable great-aunt (267).
A profoundly post-structuralist interpretation of classic American writers, American Hieroglyphics is a work of cultural imperialism as clear and distinct, albeit not quite as monumental, as Napoleon's theft of the Rosetta Stone and Champollion's deciphering of its polylingual code.
The culmination of the "polylingual" reading of laws is, of course, the in-terruption of the 2011 Census!
Her father died of illness, not in heroic combat, as Anna stated, "cut to pieces by Sikhs who lay in wait for him." She was a "child of poverty and ignorance" who "metamorphosed into the highly literate and polylingual Anna," and her "fantasy autobiography" is little more than "a charmingly romantic story, complete with a shipwreck and rescue, all aimed at establishing her and her children's racial and social claims to being British, white, and upper class." In addition, little of what Anna reports about her five years in Bangkok withstands historical scrutiny.
Here numbers 1, 7-10, and 12 in my listing would testify to the polylingual mix typical of medieval England.
Lost to the historical record is whether the HH ever initiated polylingual speech training for girls and boys, encompassing the teaching of Hebrew or Yiddish as well as English, and thereby intensifying the Jewish character it offered the deaf community.
In other words, not the narrowing but the widening of the range of foreign languages taught might serve to answer the question I posed some years ago in an essay on the interrelationship between German studies and comparative literature: "How do we keep our bilingual or polylingual heads when all those around us ...
The five sets of articles here address transitive Canada in terms of the voice of the other in excursions to Western Canada in the times of Nouvelle-France, the creative translator in A Martyr's Folly, and George Elliot Clarke's relationship with Shakespeare; those on cultural appropriation involve Latino Canada, transculturation in Clarke, and repatriation of Arthur Nortje; those on reconfiguration include migration culture and polylingual identities; and the final papers describe Elizabeth Bishop's process toward Brazil, indigenous drama and situations in which translators took center stage.
There is some evidence that speaking several languages is good for the brain, making the circuits more complex, encouraging them to rebalance themselves constantly--and indeed, research in Israel about a quarter of a century ago produced physiological arguments for such a statement, in that the post-mortem brain physiology of a polylingual speaker is apparently different from a monolingual, richer in connections between pathways.