polystyrene foam

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foamed polystyrene

A foamed plastic weighing about 1 lb per cu ft (0.016 gm per cu cm); grease-resistant, low in cost, high in thermal insulation value.
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Iggesund perceives long-term business opportunities for such a product, not least in the US, where debates are currently raging over the environmental aspects of polystyrene foam cups.
This new process provides a cost-effective "green" alternative to extruded polystyrene foam packaging--an estimated $2 billon market.
Through 2017, expanded polystyrene foam is projected to see more rapid gains than its extruded counterpart, stemming primarily from its use in insulation, molded foam protective packaging, and insulated shipping containers.
has gone so far as to propose banning the use of polystyrene foam foodservice products from "Chain Foodservice Establishments." Polystyrene bans force small businesses to use more expensive, less efficient material.
As much as I try to avoid getting polystyrene foam food containers, some do come into my house.
There are recycling options for extruded polystyrene foam, aka Styrofoam, that clutters the morning-after holiday scene.
Polystyrene foam is a manufactured plastic primarily made up of rings of carbon and hydrogen attached to long hydrocarbon chains.
Called Sugarcane Dinnerware, the square, ivory-colored plates and bowls come in a one-piece, hinged clamshell design, and provide an environmentally preferable alternative to polystyrene foam containers.
A bio-based plastic intended to replace polystyrene foam has been added to the Cereplast Compostables series.
Kerfkore introduces Foamkore-Green, a Light-weight alternative to traditional panels, which features a polystyrene foam core and thin face materials.
I rang the council and was told I had put polystyrene foam in it and this was not considered to be household waste.
We don't decide that a set of pans need to be packed in endless pieces of polystyrene foam.