polystyrene foam

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foamed polystyrene

A foamed plastic weighing about 1 lb per cu ft (0.016 gm per cu cm); grease-resistant, low in cost, high in thermal insulation value.
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To learn which blends meet or exceed the characteristics of extruded polystyrene foam, the researchers evaluated the physical and mechanical properties of six different cotton-byproduct blends as a substrate for fungal colonization.
As much as I try to avoid getting polystyrene foam food containers, some do come into my house.
Saido and colleagues also degraded polystyrene foam in the lab at 30[degrees] Celsius, similar to seawater temperature in some areas.
Kerfkore introduces Foamkore-Green, a Light-weight alternative to traditional panels, which features a polystyrene foam core and thin face materials.
I rang the council and was told I had put polystyrene foam in it and this was not considered to be household waste.
We don't decide that a set of pans need to be packed in endless pieces of polystyrene foam.
Five inches of polystyrene foam insulation, combined with a six-inch concrete wall, a typical ICF system--is rated above R-22.
According to Insulair, the new insulated paper cup eliminates the need for polystyrene foam cups, double-cupping, and cup sleeves, while reducing the amount of virgin fiber being used in the production of the cups.
In this experiment, you will recycle polystyrene by converting one form of polystyrene, polystyrene foam, into a second form, polystyrene film.
These include stamping with an apple, drawing with a finger tip on a cookie sheet to make a monoprint, cutting a stencil, using felt shapes on cardboard to create a relief print and, finally, incising a design with a pencil point on a piece of expanded polystyrene foam.