pond scum

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pond scum,

accumulation of floating green algaealgae
[plural of Lat. alga=seaweed], a large and diverse group of primarily aquatic plantlike organisms. These organisms were previously classified as a primitive subkingdom of the plant kingdom, the thallophytes (plants that lack true roots, stems, leaves, and flowers).
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 on the surface of stagnant or slowly moving waters, such as ponds and reservoirs. One of the commonest forms is Spirogyra.
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Pond scum attracts dilettantes in part because the process of turning it into fuel seems so straightforward.
On a good day, traffic wardens would cross the road to avoid us,on a bad day pond scum would deny all knowledge of us.
They don't have to be treated like pond scum by some two-bit organization.
Prowling beneath a thick carpet of lily pads and pond scum are Channa argus, freaky-looking fish better known as northern snakeheads (see above).
If they are the children of plankton, descendants of eels and pond scum.
The collection features frog-shaped soap, frog scented (green apple) bath salt, pond scum bath gel, and Mud Puddle body lotion.
Although the fact that it will consume pond scum and sewage may not do a lot for the fish's popularity as a table variety.
Homeostasis is what separates higher animals from pond scum.
Optical tapes and disks, solid-state memories (FLASH and DRAM), holography and even pond scum have been assigned tentative "holy grail" status from time to time (see "Data Storage and the Coming Millennium," JED, May 1998, p.
Inscribing my body so men can't, hieroglyphics carved on the column of me every inch, my name synonymous with weird, with skinless, hiding my legs to prevent what happens anyway - the pond scum from Engineering department on my way back from the barjohn, say hey, you remember me, whaddayou mean you don't, I sat next to you at a meeting years ago, couldn't take my eyes off your legs.
invariably agonizes over justice and upholds progressive values while the defense attorney is pond scum.
I was told I would be pond scum if we charged for Archie," said its founder.