pond scum

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pond scum,

accumulation of floating green algaealgae
[plural of Lat. alga=seaweed], a large and diverse group of primarily aquatic plantlike organisms. These organisms were previously classified as a primitive subkingdom of the plant kingdom, the thallophytes (plants that lack true roots, stems, leaves, and flowers).
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 on the surface of stagnant or slowly moving waters, such as ponds and reservoirs. One of the commonest forms is Spirogyra.
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We can all agree that here is pond scum of the first order.
Energy, page 32: Algae is pond scum, but may be the answer to two vexing problems: pollution and the need for power source.
Earlier in the week I watched the quite brilliant Hooligans programme on BBC2 and sat in open-mouthed despair at the pond scum who were the documentary subjects.
Listen to the hours of inane, lazy broadcasting where Baz chats to Bert about Bob and you will think the evolutionary process has been slammed into reverse and we're all reverting back to pond scum.
This has got little to do with the royal family themselves, and everything to do with some of the pond scum who hate them.
They are worse than pond scum and have the intelligence of a peanut.
And the Home Secretary is right to dream of a country where we do not walk on by when we see pond scum in action.
LAUREN Creed was just five years old when she was beaten to death by her mother's boyfriend, a piece of pond scum called Graham Sate.
The only alternative - giving this pond scum the kind of easy ride Bashir accorded to Louise Woodward - would make the BBC and Panorama in particular the laughing stock of the civilised world.
So we shouldn't get too worried about a laughable piece of pond scum like Michael Fabricant saying that ethnic minorities need to learn how to do a bit of work.