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A non-strict polymorphic, functional language by Jon Fairbairn <jf@cl.cam.ac.uk>.

Ponder's type system is unusual. It is more powerful than the Hindley-Milner type system used by ML and Miranda and extended by Haskell. Ponder adds extra recursive 'mu' types to those of Girard's System F, allowing more general recursion. Surprisingly, the type system and type inference algorithm are still not completely understood.

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I pondering so important their mouths every years - will probably no longer be used for that purpose.
Too often, instead of standing back and pondering on a problem, there is either a knee-jerk reaction or the need to "be seen to be doing something", pushing out rational thought.
A potential purchaser is pondering a bid for garden centre Wyevale, the Hereford company revealed yesterday.
Seemingly self-sufficient amid the benevolent wild, he nevertheless gazes broodingly out of the frame: possibly pondering the sublime, but probably listening for the unseen creature the trap awaits.
The book should help readers understand the reforms that lawmakers and business leaders are pondering as they seek to plug loopholes, impose new controls and prevent future Enron-type business collapses.
Still, a question worth pondering is whether corporate brands are more like the shining stars or the cold dark matter of the universe--out there somewhere, but emitting no discernable energy.
But on further pondering I began to wonder who was embarrassed: Morrison, for this reversal of views?
Written by the guitar player/singer, its small initial chapters are two-to three-page autobiographical stories that set up the background of the hand, while the later sections are tour ruminations and philosophical and ideological monologues pondering What it is to be punk (if that's what it is), what role music plays in the big picture, and how sometimes the shittiest of times are the best of times.
Myers and Powell offer their audience the opportunity to read the diaries first, pondering them, and then coming to their own conclusions.
Americans in the 1890s were confronting the end of their frontier, and were pondering its meaning.
For example, some investors reacted to the mid-term elections by pondering significant portfolio changes.
In myself, I seem not too inclined to spend much time pondering the mystery of an unseen God.