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A computer game invented in 1972 by Atari's Nolan Bushnell. The game is a minimalist rendering of table tennis. Each of the two players are represented as a white slab, controllable by a knob, which deflects a bouncing ball. The goal of the game is to "AVOID MISSING BALL FOR HIGH SCORE".

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Atari Computer was a video game manufacturer founded in 1972 in Sunnyvale, CA, by Nolan Bushnell, who named the company after a word used in the Japanese game of Go. Atari became famous for "Pong," a video game that simulated Ping-Pong on TV. In 1976, Atari was sold to Warner Communications which came out with a game computer dubbed the Atari Video Computer System. In 1978, the Atari 400 and 800 home computers were introduced and became successful. Later came the 600XL and 1200XL models.

In 1984, Atari was sold to Jack Tramiel and investors, which introduced the ST personal computer line in 1985 to compete with the Mac. The STs were advanced machines that were available into the 1990s, but although popular, they received limited application support (see Atari ST). Atari also made a failed attempt at offering IBM-compatible PCs. In late 1992, it introduced the Falcon multimedia computer but soon shut down its R&D. At the end of 1993, the Jaguar video game was introduced, but sales were insufficient to continue operating.

In 1996, the company merged with hard disk manufacturer JTS Corporation, which sold the Atari name and IP to Hasbro Interactive in 1998. In 2008, Atari, Inc. became a subsidiary of Infogrames Entertainment, which had acquired Hasbro.

Atari 400
Sporting a whopping 16K of RAM and 8K of ROM, the Atari 400 was used mostly for games, which were contained in ROM cartridges that plugged into the unit. Atari computers helped spearhead the personal computer revolution in the early 1980s. (Image courtesy of Kevan's Computer Bits, www.heydon.org/kevan/collection)
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The gent's toilet is not sufficiently private and a bit pongy. To make Bill feel comfortable, perhaps go to his house.
The thing with Johnny Gaul is that he defends his territory stoutly and without needless resort to compromise, whether that territory be the cab of a camion, a piece of pongy fromage, or even a betting monopoly that has long had about it more than a whiff of un-European unconstitutionality.
The couple who live just one metre from the pongy pile are taking the farmer to the High Court in London to seek an injunction to stop the land being used as a "nuisance".
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Breakfast was the ubiquitous but welcome high-end hotel effort with everything from smoked salmon and pongy cheese to bacon and eggs from a large silver tub with a flippy lid.
3040270229 from www.debenhams.com Remove pongy cat or dog wee from carpets by dabbing with tissue to soak up excess, then pour soda water over affected areas.
Not so the soggy prawns in the malay King Prawn sambal which were drowning in a pongy overdose of fish sauce.
We stripped and sat chest-deep in pongy pools of hot mud, smearing ourselves head to toe in mineral-rich filth then dipping into a cascading waterfall to remove our temporary skin masks.
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