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small horse, officially any horsehorse,
hoofed, herbivorous mammal now represented by a single extant genus, Equus. The term horse commonly refers only to the domestic Equus caballus and to the wild Przewalski's horse.
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 under 14.2 hands (58 in./145 cm) high. Most ponies are of Celtic origin. They are noted for their extreme hardiness and gentle natures. Some ponies are only 26 in. (65 cm) high. See Shetland ponyShetland pony,
smallest breed of horse, originating in the Shetland Islands some 200 mi (322 km) N of Scotland. The Shetland resembles a miniature draft horse and has long been used for working purposes.
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; Welsh ponyWelsh pony,
breed of small horse of European origin. First bred primarily in Saxony, it later became localized in Wales. Although the breed is of ancient type, it presently bears traces of the Arabian horse and shows influences of the Thoroughbred horse.
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a small horse, measuring 80–140 cm tall, bred in the British Isles (including the Shetland Islands, the Hebrides, and Ireland), Iceland, Corsica, Sicily, Gotland, and Hokkaido (Japan). Among the approximately 20 breeds are the Shetland, Welsh, Icelandic, Gotland, and Hokkaido ponies.

In their native lands, ponies were used on small peasant farms and in mines. They were also used as pack animals along mountain paths and for distributing food in the cities. Today ponies are widely encountered in parks, where they are hitched to light carriages or used as riding horses. In many countries, various types and colors of ponies are bred especially as work or riding horses.


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1. any of various breeds of small horse, usually under 14.2 hands
2. Brit slang a sum of £25, esp in bookmaking
3. US slang a literal translation used by students, often illicitly, in preparation for foreign language lessons or examinations; crib
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