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former metropolitan borough, SE England. See Tower HamletsTower Hamlets,
inner borough (1991 pop. 153,500), of Greater London, SE England. Tower Hamlets was formed in 1965 by the merger of the metropolitan boroughs of Bethnal Green, Poplar, and Stepney.
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see willowwillow,
common name for some members of the Salicaceae, a family of deciduous trees and shrubs of worldwide distribution, especially abundant from north temperate to arctic areas.
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This tree grows almost everywhere, up to 90 ft. tall (30m). When sticky little yellow-brown flower buds start popping out on the tree, (look like rice) take the bud, grind it up into a powder, mix into water and drink. It contains all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. If you feel depleted or like your body is lacking something, take this, it makes a really good nutritional supplement. Bud tea used for cough and lung problems. Bud preparations are used for everything from hemorrhoids to headaches. Inner bark tea used for vitamins, cleaning blood and overall health. Peel off the outer bark, revealing the lightcolored slimy inner bark. Eat it raw or slice it into thin strips and eat it like pasta when boiled in water. FOR PARASITES- take the inner bark, cut it into small pieces, dry it, grind it into a powder, and take it with a bit of fat, oil or butter and swallow. This shakes up the parasites so much you might see worms coming out of your butt alive. It's toxic to the worms but not to humans. The poplar/ aspen tree is considered a weed tree. It is so resilient, if you cut down the tree, another one will grow out of the stump. If you take a branch and stick it into the ground, it will grow a tree !


Any tree of the genus Populus, family Salicaceae, marked by simple, alternate leaves, scaly buds, bitter bark, and flowers and fruits in catkins.

yellow poplar, poplar

A moderately low-density, even-textured hardwood of the central and southern US; color varies from white to yellow, tan, or greenish brown; used for veneer, plywood, and lumber core for cabinetwork.


1. any tree of the salicaceous genus Populus, of N temperate regions, having triangular leaves, flowers borne in catkins, and light soft wood
2. any of various trees resembling the true poplars, such as the tulip tree
3. the wood of any of these trees


Morris, 1978. A blend of LISP with SNOBOL4 pattern matching and APL-like postfix syntax. Implicit iteration over lists, sorting primitive. "Experience with an Applicative String-Processing Language", J.H. Morris et al, 7th POPL, ACM 1980, pp.32-46.
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Construction on Poplar Grove began in August 2017 and is nearing completion.
Poplar trees now cover about 648,000 hectares worldwide, according to the foundation.
'We want to encourage more countries to improve their ecosystems through planting poplar trees.
For example, the poplar forest covering an area of 31,840 hectares in Hotan, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, generates annual income of 672 million yuan ($98 million), according to the National Forestry and Grassland Administration.
And if you're scared of moths, you might want to spare a thought for the humble Poplar Hawk - they're harmless, can't eat or drink, exist only to have sex, and then they die.
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Kearbey has worked for the city of Poplar Bluff since 1991, (http://www.poplarbluff-mo.gov/directory.aspx?EID=30) according to the staff directory for Poplar Bluff .
Site work got under way in the McLean County/Hopkins County area near the Green River less than 18 months after the company flip-flopped its original plans and decided to build the low-capital expenditure Poplar Grove mine before the 3.8-million-t/y Cypress mine.
8 June 2017 - Tennessee, US-based laboratory services provider Poplar Healthcare, has completed the acquisition of Tennessee-based cytogenetics reference laboratory Genetics of Memphis, Inc., the company said.
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