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popping, blowing, pitting, pops

Shallow conical depressions, ranging in size from pinheads to diameters of ¼ in. (64 mm), just below the surface of a lime-putty finish coat; caused by the expansion of coarse particles of unhydrated lime or of foreign substances.
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From August to September, we'll be touring across America," Pops declared.
Since the summer of 2018, Buzz Pops has been featured in Food & Wine, Travel & Leisure, Dating Advice, Thrillist, Delish, Pop Sugar, Kitchen, Insider Food, Her Campus, Ali World, Food & Drink, Chilled Magazine, Walt Disney World News, Fox & Friends and Liquor.com to name a few.
They further said that main objective of the project is to reduce human health and environmental risks by enhancing management capacities and disposal of POPs in Pakistan.
Pakistan signed the UN Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) on 6 December 2001 and ratified it on 14 April 2008.
Have students pair up and read "Making Pictures Pop" on pages 8-9.
Varieties include Halls Kids Cough & Sore Throat Pops (cherry and strawberry flavors) and Halls Kids Vitamin C Pops (orange flavor).
"Otter Pops Beach Breakers is a fresh take on the iconic Otter Pop, featuring a new, smooth sorbet texture in our original six flavors that are paired with classic characters," says Kyle Harrington, Otter Pops senior brand manager.
Many comments in our study showed confusion between regulatory and discretionary POPs. The TGA have no responsibility to investigate the sale of discretionary POPs.
"If the sun is shining, people buy pops," Tortorice says.
Since the debut of the Quick Pop Maker in 2009, Zoku has let fly with two extensions to the line: the Duo Quick Pop Maker, with a more compact design than the original; and the Single Quick Pop Maker, which makes Quick Pops one at a time.
In this study, fat people with POPs in their blood were more likely to develop insulin resistance than thin people with POPs, but the expected association between obesity and insulin resistance disappeared in people with no POPs.