populus tremuloides

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related to Poplar Tree, also called “Quaking Aspen” for how it sways in the wind. Whitish bark, which contains salicylin, the natural aspirin also found in willow trees for pain relief and headaches. Inner bark tea used for colds, fever, pain, stomach problems, kidney, bladder, urinary issues, venereal disease, rheumatism, arthritis, diarrhea, worms, menstrual bleeding, anti-inflammatory.
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Quaking Aspen (Populus tremuloides) - (not shown) Familiar to most for the way its nearly circular-shaped leaves quiver in the slightest breeze (hence, its name), quaking aspen turns a brilliant gold or yellow in the fall.
With a greenhouse experiment we investigated these relationships by examining responses of growth, growth-related morphology, survival, and their interrelationships to a range of nitrogen (3.4 X [l0.sup.-9]-3.4 X [l0.sup.-3] mol/L N fertilizer solutions) and low light (0.6-7.3% of open sky) availabilities for young seedlings of 10 North American tree species that vary in observational shade tolerance rankings and seed size (Populus tremuloides, Betula papyrifera, Betula alleghaniensis, Acer saccharum, Larix laricina, Pin us banksiana, Pinus resinosa, Pinus strobus, Picea mariana, and Abies balsamea).