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Still or moving images, usually of women, in varying states of nudity, posing or performing erotic acts with men, women, animals, machines, or other props. Some say it degrades women, some say it corrupts young boys (who down-load it from the World-Wide Web or exchange it on floppy disks). Most of it is in the form of JPEG images. There are many sites on the World-Wide Web offering porn of all sorts, almost always for a subscription. It is said that these are a driving force in the evolution of new technology and techniques for the web. Advertisments for them certainly constitute a significant proportion of all spam. There are even pornographic computer games, an early example being Mac Playmate.

Beware - many institutions, particularly universities, have strict rules against their computers and networks being used to transfer or store such things, and you might get corrupted.
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erotic, sometimes violent or brutal, sexual representations (in e.g. literature or film) that meet social opposition on the grounds that they offend and degrade or exploit women or young people. A lack of literary or artistic merit is sometimes a further criterion. One view of pornography is that is provides opportunities for sexual outlet in which the male gaze, and male conceptions of desire, can still prevail (sec also QUEER THEORY). Attitudes to pornography are complex, however, especially given that pornography for women also exists.
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vulgarly naturalistic and indecent depictions of sex in literature, art, theater, films, and so forth. Pornographic books, magazines, drawings, photographs, and films are produced in enormous quantities in the capitalist countries. In the USSR, the dissemination of pornographic writings and pictures is punishable by law (see, for example, the Criminal Code of the RSFSR, art. 228).

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Ethical films produced by feminist pornographers such as Tristan Taormino even include interviews with the performers, which lends to the understanding that they actually enjoy what they're doing and feel empowered by it.
Jerry Falwell, leader of the former Moral Majority and longtime Religious Right stalwart, involved with pornographers?
When asked if the FIA would want to take steps for enhancing punishment for a pornographer, the FIA director said: 'Like the West, we should notify the area people through local police once a convicted pornographer returns to the area after completing his/her sentence.'
But the results suggest that high schools across America are rife with child pornographers.
A PORNOGRAPHER who uses his four-bedroom home as an adult film studio faced angry neighbours protesting outside his property yesterday.
But all the stories at least made clear he was, in fact, a pornographer.
She asks what kind of citizens are being produced, and explores the norms of good and bad citizenship: alongside the proud homosexual and free homosexual are being produced the welfare mom, the deadbeat dad, the adulterer, and the pornographer.
A child pornographer who wants to remain anonymous may use a proxy server anytime they communicate online with the hosting provider.
A South London pornographer offered our investigators the film in CD-Rom form, meaning it can easily be put on the internet and peddled worldwide.
Working within those guidelines, Fitzgerald (The Hanging Garden, Beefcake) told the story of a Canadian pornographer in Bucharest navigating his way through a moral minefield to some degree of success.
Wright's erotically charged tale of lust, power, and destruction could have spewed from the fevered imagination of the notorious 18th-century French pornographer himself.
Last summer the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Nebraska had reached an agreement with pornographer Dan Parisi, who wanted to donate the Internet domain name to the hospital.