porous pavement

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The durable surfacing of a road, sidewalk, or other outdoor area.
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Back in the early eighties, when porous pavement was new, the Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] was really interested, especially in porous asphalt," he says.
For each of the families of porous pavement materials, he discusses the nature of the material; the organization of the industry that supplies it; its installation methods, performance levels, and appropriate applications.
Titan America's Envira pervious concrete is an environmentally beneficial, porous pavement whose unique void structure allows 8-10 gallons of water to pass through each square foot per minute.
Cities can use the grants to cover up to 50 percent of the cost of rain gardens, bioswales, green roofs, porous pavement, greenways, constructed wetlands, stormwater tree trenches and other green infrastructure measures installed on public property.
In addition to a new street infrastructure, Hunter's Point South features stormwater bioswales and porous pavement to naturally limit the amount of water runoff being sent into storm sewers.
trenches, bio retention islands, rain gardens, porous pavement, native plantings, dry wells and cisterns.
The projects will include porous pavement in parking lots, paths, alleys, and streets; infiltration and bio retention systems; green roofs; rain gardens; and rain barrels.
Using innovative sustainable infrastructure such as replacing concrete with porous pavement, restoring creeks and wetlands, and increasing tree cover can help cities manage storm water often at a fraction of the cost of upgrading traditional concrete infrastructure.
1 million in city funding, to install porous pavement that will filter stormwater and reduce the amount of untreated runoff discharged to the Kinnickinnic, Menomonee, and Milwaukee Rivers.
That march climaxed in the construction season, when dozens of porous pavement projects, large and small, public and private, were installed all over the country.
The other completed phases include installation of a weather station on the roof plus school yard improvements which incorporate a storm water management system with two indigenous woodland forest rain gardens, porous pavement, permeable recycled play surface, an agriculture zone garden, and solar shading from 40 new trees.