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(computer science)
Property of a computer program that is sufficiently flexible to be easily transferred to run on a computer of a type different from the one for which it was designed.
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(operating system, programming)
The ease with which a piece of software (or file format) can be "ported", i.e. made to run on a new platform and/or compile with a new compiler.

The most important factor is the language in which the software is written and the most portable language is almost certainly C (though see Vaxocentrism for counterexamples). This is true in the sense that C compilers are available for most systems and are often the first compiler provided for a new system. This has led several compiler writers to compile other languages to C code in order to benefit from its portability (as well as the quality of compilers available for it).

The least portable type of language is obviously assembly code since it is specific to one particular (family of) processor(s). It may be possible to translate mechanically from one assembly code (or even machine code) into another but this is not really portability. At the other end of the scale would come interpreted or semi-compiled languages such as LISP or Java which rely on the availability of a portable interpreter or virtual machine written in a lower level language (often C for the reasons outlined above).

The act or result of porting a program is called a "port". E.g. "I've nearly finished the Pentium port of my big bang simulation."

Portability is also an attribute of file formats and depends on their adherence to standards (e.g. ISO 8859) or the availability of the relevant "viewing" software for different platforms (e.g. PDF).
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cloud portability

The degree of compatibility and ease of moving applications and data from one cloud computing provider to another. See cloud computing.

data portability

Being able to move data from one database or repository to another. It implies that the data are in electronic files that are readily accessible rather than only visually on screen. Otherwise, the data must be retyped word for word into another application and on-screen images must be captured one at a time. Walled gardens prevent data from being easily transferred. See walled garden. Contrast with software portability.


Movable; transferable. An electronic device that is easily transported. It may refer to a pocket-sized handheld device or to a laptop that weighs several pounds. See also data portability and software portability.

software portability

Being able to move software from one machine platform to another. It refers to system software or application software that can be recompiled for a different platform or to software that is available for two or more different platforms. See portable application. Contrast with data portability.
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