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The advent of portable spectrophotometers in the last few years has blurred the line between color spectrophotometry and colorimetry, and the previously dominant colorimeters are now seriously challenged by these low-cost spectrophotometers.
Portable Audio/Video & Personal CE Accessories: Case Logic's Universal Pockets[TM] are a collection of versatile cases capable of storing a wide-range of portable electronics, including mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3 players and PDAs.
A report released in May - titled ``Reading, Writing and Risk: Air Pollution Inside California's Portable Classrooms'' - warned of the possible ``gassing off'' of materials used in building the portables that could cause the mold to become airborne and the chemicals to be released into the air.
Model AMA portable air-cooled water chillers for process cooling applications are assembled on a sturdy steel structural frame and heavy-duty casters for mobility.
He says portable machines can do almost anything stationary units can do.
It becomes more of an issue as to whether you have room in your high school gym for a portable and to store a portable.
Water-chilling, water-cooling, water-recovery, and water-filtration systems include portable, central, and heat-pump chillers in water- or air-cooled versions.
New advanced compression schemes are enabling the addition of movies, personal video, and photos in addition to audio, to a palm-sized portable media player.
But in the future, schools should retire old portable classrooms and redesign bungalows.
I bought the TI Portable Pro, with the same architecture and processor as the original TI Pro, but packaged in a luggable computer weighing about 40 pounds, with a small-6-inch color monitor.