portable GPS

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portable GPS

A GPS-based unit that is designed for handheld operation or windshield/dashboard mounting in a vehicle. Portable GPS devices offer many of the navigation features of in-dash units and can run for several hours on battery before being plugged into the car's power outlet. However, because they are not connected internally to the vehicle's odometer, they can get off course if there is no line of sight when traveling in tunnels, in between tall buildings or on lower levels of bridges. See in-dash navigation, GPS augmentation system and GPS.

In the Car
This Magellan unit offers most of the navigation features of in-dash units, including text-to-speech playback of street names. Portable GPS screens range from 3" to 7".

Smartphone GPS
With the advent of smartphones, people can get directions at all times, and the navigation apps are as good as dedicated portable GPS units but not as comprehensive as factory in-dash models. See CarPlay and Android Auto.

Into the Wilderness
This Garmin GPS includes topographic maps for hikers and high-tech treasure hunters (see geocaching). It also supports the WAAS augmentation system for improved accuracy. (Image courtesy of Garmin Ltd., www.garmin.com)

Built for Runners
This Garmin sports watch provides greater accuracy than a pedometer and helps runners find their way home in unfamiliar territory. It also attaches to a heart monitor via a wireless connection. (Image courtesy of Garmin Ltd., www.garmin.com)
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Priced at $699, the GDL51 is a SiriusXM receiver and doesn't have an ADS-B receiver, although it does have a built-in WAAS GPS for sending position, speed and backup attitude data to Garmin's Pilot app and select portable GPS units.
May is founder and chief executive officer of the Sendero Group, an assistive technology manufacturer that develops accessible and portable GPS (global positioning satellite) wayfinding technology.
* A lightweight, portable GPS tracking unit that the offender wears on a belt or purse or carries when leaving home;
today announced the successful development of four new system-on-glass (SOG) liquid crystal display (LCD) modules, suitable for personal digital assistants (PDAs) and portable GPS terminals.
A portable GPS system gets drivers out of Paris before other drivers make their life impossible.
Touring accessories available since the introduction of Ulysses include top case and side cases, the Buell Quest Portable GPS Navigation system and a Triple Tail backrest pad.
This award-winning navigation system is the first portable GPS system to come with pre-installed maps of Europe, the USA and Canada, ideal for replying to the kids when the all-too familiar 'are we nearly there yet?' question hits you on the drive to those holidays abroad or even for taking with you on holiday to navigate your way around in your hire car.
Sampling interval and quality of the position fix in a portable GPS tracking unit arc a function of operating time and the major driving force of power management.
In the meantime, technology such as a Bluetooth mobile phone, portable GPS, and plenty of power options will ensure that "you are not going to be missing out on some great, new technology you have to have," says Bunger.
In addition, to make driving in the US simpler, portable GPS units have been introduced at key locations throughout the US, including Orlando, one of Alamo's busiest locations.
Wireless-enabled devices like Palm handhelds, Sidekicks, cell phones, even portable GPS systems, can tap into a district's connection and provide educational opportunity.

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