portable application

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portable application

(1) An application that can be converted from one computer environment to another. See software portability and port.

(2) An application that can be easily moved from one computer to another. With regards to Windows apps, such programs would not use the Registry. In a totally portable application, all related files would be stored in a single folder so it can be copied with one command or one drag and drop. The folder would likely have many subfolders, and they would all copy in the same transaction. See Registry and folder.

(3) An application stored on a USB flash drive that can run on a computer without leaving any trace of itself when the application is finished. It is designed to restore all changed settings when the program is closed. Non-U3 portable applications are typically dependent on a particular brand of USB drive. U3 applications require U3-enabled flash drives. See U3.
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For portable application, the company also showcases its 8.9-inch color-management module with color shift compensation, which automatically eliminates color shift.
In reaction to this, groups have sprung up with the specific objective of creating portable applications. As this frequently requires the modification of application code, this is most often done with open-source applications.
This display is optimized for portable application with a low-power requirement and 0.3 V to 3.6 V logic.
This display is optimized for portable application with a low-power backlight requirement and 3 V to 3.6 V logic.
TPS3801 circuits are suitable for designers of digital signal processors, microcontrollers and microprocessors for portable application such as wireless communications devices, portable and battery-powered equipment and notebook computers.
Built with reliability as the first ideal, it's designed to meet the stresses of handheld portable applications. A heavy-duty plastic body and robust battery contacts meet those requirements for typical medical or consumer-type products.
Unlike other thermocouple and voltage-measurement instruments, the EX1401 offers Power over Ethernet+ (PoE+) and flexible DC power options for portable applications. With the capability to acquire data at 20 kS/s/channel, the EX1401 can be deployed in situations that demand rapid responses to quickly changing conditions.
We create portable applications and offer counseling administrations to customers to accomplish their key business destinations.
It is designed for small studio and portable applications and features the optimized output needed for film, video and still photography.

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