portable media player

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portable media player

An umbrella term for a variety of handheld devices that play back audio, video or both. The device may also serve as a portable photo album for still images such as GIFs and JPEGs. The term "media player" without the "portable" typically refers to software (see media player), but may refer to the hardware devices mentioned here.

Flash Memory and Hard Disk (MP3 and MP4)
Audio-only MP3 players, which use flash memory (solid state) or hard disk for storage, are the most popular portable media devices. In addition to MP3, they typically support one or more other audio formats such as WMA and AAC. See digital music player.

An "MP4 player" or "video MP3 player" refers to a combination audio/video device such as the full-size iPod or a Portable Media Center device, which is bigger and has a larger screen. See iPod.

Optical Discs and Tape Cassettes
Although used less frequently, handheld DVD, CD and tape cassette players also fall into the portable media player category. See portable DVD player and direct media access.

The ARCHOS Multimedia Player
In 2009, ARCHOS introduced a line of Android-based tablets supporting high-resolution audio and video formats. See Android. (Image courtesy of ARCHOS, www.archos.com)
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As a full DivX Certified portable device, the DP7010 is among the first generation of portable media players (PMP) to offer full playback of the hugely popular DivX video format.
Whether you're spending this summer in the park, on the beach or in your own garden, entertaining yourself will be easy with this fabulous portable media player and Cloverfield.
Sigma's new EM8510 decoder chip, based on the company's award-winning REAL magic Video Technology, enables cost-effective solutions for consumer appliances such as portable media players, portable DVD players and other power critical devices.
Shinco portable Media Player pounds 280 0870 241 4289, firebox.com A CASUAL onlooker would describe this as a 40GB digital media player in clamshell form.
Portable media player comparo - anything but the iPod!
"There is a fast-growing demand for GPS solutions in the Chinese market, particularly for integration into portable navigation devices, mobile handset and portable media player applications.
Thus, it is not necessary to carry another mobile device such as an e-reader or a portable media player, which would simply mean more bulk to carry around.
Microsoft's Zune HD, which went on sale Tuesday, is proving to be more than just another portable media player trying to unseat Apple's iPod.
The Micromax M2 is sleek and stylish with its looks and form-factor to a certain extent identical to a portable media player, including the click wheel.
The Zune HD portable media player is now available in pre-order at the retail store such as Best Buy, Amazon and other outlets with a 16GB Black version for $220 and a 32GB Platinum color for $290.
DivXNetworks Inc, creator of the patent-pending DivX video compression technology, and Apex Digital, a manufacturer and marketer of DVD home entertainment players, have said that the new Apex E2go MP2000 portable media player is fully DivX Certified at the portable profile.

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