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Its roof is supported on 12 laminated timber portal frames trussed at their ridges with inclined 2 x 4in (50mm x 100mm) struts and steel rod ties.
Contract Award Notice: The works covered comprise:The erection of 4 No light industrial units and associated parking comprising concrete floor slab, steel portal frames with insulated wall and roof panels including rooflights and associated mechanical and electrical works.
But the Classical pseudo masonry elements of Behrens's AEG turbine hail never seemed convincing in the context of walls of glass and concrete portal frames.
Contract Awarded for Providing 5,000 tonnes of structural steel for the project, including portal frames and stability bracing designed to split the warehouse into five separate compartments.
The design is an elegant, spaceship-like pod of laminated structural timber portal frames clad in aluminium panels.
Contract notice: Provision of Fabricated Steel Portal Frames, Covered Walkways including Pre-Construction Training (UK) and On-site Construction Supervision (Falkland Islands).
The big volume, indeed the whole house, has been created in an almost industrial way with steel portal frames 6m high and 7m wide, blockwork side walls and compressed fibre boards on front and back parapets.
The actual concrete construction is exposed internally in its true character, in the giant portal frames which span longitudinally.
1) The house faces the beach and is made as a series of six steel portal frames that carry a deck a metre over the sand, above which is a pitched metal roof supported on hardwood purlins.
The system consists of one or more centrally placed portal frames, carrying a spine beam which is supported at either end by a gable beam on columns.
The Chadwick Street wing also terminates boldly against the little piazza (though less dramatically so) in a stack of meeting rooms which are made as silver and glass boxes supported by delicate stacked steel portal frames.