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The enrollment and registrar offices have come together to cross-train on the SunGard SCT Banner ERP and portal system, and to improve information sharing between the departments.
AS&E's Z Portal system is a multi-view, drive-through screening system capable of scanning cars, vans, trucks, and their cargo for concealed threats and contraband.
Large enterprise customers need basic information access and formatting functions provided by enterprise portal systems.
Working closely with Symbol, GlobeRanger's iMotion platform was tested and co-validated on Symbol RFID devices, including the MC9000-G RFID mobile computer, DC400 and DC600 RFID portal systems, and the AR400 and XR400 RFID readers.
Offer portal systems that allow large numbers of people to move through a secure building entrance, while quickly diverting suspicious or other questionable individuals to a secondary checkpoint without increasing wait times while being used in conjunction with access control systems, metal detectors and surveillance systems.
Heartlab's Ascentia WorkStation, Results Management, and Portal systems received FDA 510(k) clearance on February 18, 2005.