porte cochere

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porte cochère

porte cochère, 2
porte cochère, 1
1. A carriage porch.
2. A covered carriage or automobile entryway leading to a courtyard.
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It was built back in 1922 and still has its detached garage and dramatic porte cochere.
They thought the hotel's exterior facade, the Porte Cochere, looked tired and dated with that retro-'70s-look, and the front lobby looked like it could use some work as well.
The Sleep Inn and MainStay Suites hotel combines the key signature features of both brands, including the Sleep Inn signature tower and porte cochere, along with the distinctive MainStay Suites roof line.
Rankin witnesses more than he at first thought possible from a under the resort's sweeping porte cochere, with its multiple traffic lanes, scurrying valets, jockeying cabs, bustling bellmen, and a cast of hookers, limo drivers, and a mean-spirited supervisor.
More than USD15 million has been invested in renovations to the property including the guestrooms, corridors, lobby, health club, meeting rooms, restrooms, conference center, grand ballroom, onsite dining areas, exterior landscape and new porte cochere.
The roof tapers to a seven metre cantilever above the reception space and remembrance chapel - forming a porte cochere (a carriage-style entrance into a courtyard) - before sweeping above the chapel to allow uninterrupted views across the valley.
Focus Lighting also provided lighting design for the two condo towers, as well as the porte cochere, outdoor terrace and pool area.
In the rear porte cochere, guests were invited to have their pictures made in the old-fashioned photo booth.
Our intention was to use this for the timber in the porte cochere, but after the time it would've taken to dry the wood and get it certified, it ended up being cheaper just to purchase the wood locally.
Now, like an invited guest of the Huntingtons, you enter through the original porte cochere.
ACI/Boland designed most of the buildings and campus, taking eight years to get the necessary zoning and approvals, and worked with Suttle Mindlin, who designed the interiors, public spaces, and entries, including the main porte cochere, to create a diverse but coherent look for the community.
They gave us a laundry room with a Dutch door where you can stow the dog when friends come over (so the dog is sequestered but doesn't get lonely), kids' bedrooms with alcoves for serious study, a convenient storage spot off the porte cochere to drop groceries, and much more.