porte cochere

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porte cochère

porte cochère, 2
porte cochère, 1
1. A carriage porch.
2. A covered carriage or automobile entryway leading to a courtyard.
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"It's simply a requirement of the Four Seasons," McKelvey said as he argued in favor of the porte cochere during an hour-long discussion at the meeting.
Indeed, no sooner had we stepped out of the car in the porte cochere of the Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa on the island of Oahu than we were each greeted by a pair of outstretched arms bearing one of the traditional floral necklaces.
It has features including concrete and steel-framed construction, an interior porte cochere and an above-grade structural parking deck.
"Incorporating a porte cochere and detached garage into a design can be difficult--you need plenty of room for vehicles to maneuver," Mandy explains.
Indirect illumination for the porte cochere is provided by T5 fluorescent fixtures within the architectural cove.
A porte cochere or grand driveway adds an elegant touch to the building.
Embracing the Shangri-La trademark of elegant chandeliers, Jing An Shangri-La boasts more than four million pieces of crystals used as architectural elements -- from the thick canopy of lighted crystal rods covering the porte cochere to the crystal drapery anchoring the reception area and Lobby Lounge.
At the forefront of the entry, a water feature filters the sounds and fumes of traffic and softens the porte cochere. The water reflects on the Ritz Carlton South Beach signage, creating a mesmerising illusion.
It was built back in 1922 and still has its detached garage and dramatic porte cochere. 202 18th St.
They thought the hotel's exterior facade, the Porte Cochere, looked tired and dated with that retro-'70s-look, and the front lobby looked like it could use some work as well.
The Sleep Inn and MainStay Suites hotel combines the key signature features of both brands, including the Sleep Inn signature tower and porte cochere, along with the distinctive MainStay Suites roof line.
I pulled into the porte cochere of the hotel a little frazzled from my journey of many weather systems.