portland cement concrete

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A composite stonelike material formed by mixing an aggregate (such as stones of irregular shape or crushed rock) with cement (which acts as the binding material) and water, then allowing the mixture to dry and harden; portland cement, now used in making concrete, was not developed until the 19th century. Also see average concrete, cyclopean concrete, poured concrete, reinforced concrete.
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While more than half of the cement combination concretes have lower embodied [CO.sub.2] contents than Portland cement concrete, only one cement combination concrete at the total replacement level of 55% (45PC+40FA+15MK) is cheaper than Portland cement concrete at equal resistance to water penetration.
Figure 5 shows the half-cell potential of steel reinforcement in Portland cement concrete from day1 to day-9 of charging.
The index was raised in the second quarter because of increases in the unit prices for bituminous concrete, reinforcing steel, common excavation, portland cement concrete, and structural concrete.

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