portland stone

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portland stone

[¦pȯrt·lənd ′stōn]
A type of oolitic limestone that consists of fossils cemented together with lime; found only on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, England.
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portland stone, Portland limestone

An oölitic limestone which is quarried on the Isle of Portland, off the coast of England; widely used as a building stone in London.
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The adjoining building, 43 Temple Row, designed in 1980 by James A Roberts, the architect famous for the Rotunda and the Ringway Centre, is a brilliant composition in Rapakivi granite from Russia, travertine marble and Portland stone.
Asset engineer for Network Rail Wales and Borders Stephen Isaac said: "The iconic clock tower was revamped as part of Cardiff Central station's refurbishment, which also included specialist cleaning of the Portland stone facade and work to increase the capacity of the roof drainage.
Edmund House was 11 storeys of Portland stone, windows and pale grey infill panels which made it a simple, pleasing building until a truly ugly, three-storey portico and dark cladding was added some time in the 1980s, turning a quiet, well-proportioned building into something akin to a 1950s juke box.
The firms have been sued by quarrying company, Portland Stone Holdings Limited, which said that the banks had tried to engineer the administration of its subsidiary, Stone Firms Ltd, in 2010.
She wanted to know what each section of the garden - from the Portland stone paving to the round bench - represented.
The scheme has been thoughtfully designed by Squire and Partners to blend into the park's surroundings by using materials such as Portland stone and bronze.
The pounds 7m Portland stone memorial also has been given the blessing of the German people after an inscription was included commemorating all the lives lost in the bombings of 1939-45.
In addition, work on the contract also includes the full restoration of the existing Portland Stone facade to the Finsbury Circus elevation and the construction of a new rear facade incorporating Portland Stone and new windows to the rear elevation.
The memorial, which will be built from Portland stone, has been designed by awarding-winning architect Liam O'Connor, and will feature a bronze centrepiece of seven aircrew by sculptor Philip Jackson.
The comprehensive programme of external refurbishment involves the systematic cleaning of the exterior and repairs to the Portland Stone facade of the Grade II* listed building.
AA great favourite of mine is the Little Greene paint company and my most popular universal colour is a dreamy 'Portland stone'.

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