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Art a physical attitude, esp one deliberately adopted for or represented by an artist or photographer
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A query language written in 1967.

["POSE: A Language for Posing Problems to Computers", S. Schlesinger et al, CACM 10:279-285, May 1967].
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NOMINEES: Grrroomises UK and POSable Ltd SPONSOR: Kirklees Business Hub HISTORY: Pivot Care and Educational Consultancy was formed as a residential children's home for eight to 18-year-olds needing a safe, secure and loving environment for young people to flourish and return to their family home, foster care or adoption with the skills needed to succeed in life.
After construction, WALL*E sports several points of articulation including a posable neck, gripping claws and movable tracks.
Several types of phantoms are available, such as POPEYE (POsable Phantom for Electromagnetic sYstems Evaluations) (Figure 1), photographed during a recent tour of the 7Layers facility in Sunnyvale, CA.
Turn off the water when you brush your teeth, take a reusable bag to the supermarket, buy in bulk (bigger water bottles instead of half litre ones), buy reusable items as opposed to disA[degrees] posable, recycle your paper.
POSABLE LED LIGHTS are fun and practical and feature LEGO[R] mini figures.
With posable arms and legs for angling light, these figures are both practical and a great addition for a more exciting-looking shelf.