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Art a physical attitude, esp one deliberately adopted for or represented by an artist or photographer


A query language written in 1967.

["POSE: A Language for Posing Problems to Computers", S. Schlesinger et al, CACM 10:279-285, May 1967].
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The inside covers are excerpts from Brenda Magazine, which offers a Fully Posable [sic] Brenda, available in Light Pink, Mid Pink or Sick Pink at RRP 12.
Chunk's oversized limbs are fully posable, making him ready for hours of imaginative fun.
Offbeat figures are popular, too, and you can find miniature, posable likenesses of Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, Marie Antoinette (complete, as it were, with detachable head), and even the Post's own Benjamin Franklin.
The d 12in tall Dalek moves its a posable gun arm and ases.
Beautifully crafted and fully posable, these hand-painted horses are scale replicas of the real thing, arriving fully assembled and ready for play.
I love that, apart from posable thumbs, the thing that puts us above the animal kingdom is the internal sense of hope that drives us forward.
Rubbery, endlessly posable, the dancers took actions that in themselves were not terribly interesting--bending, stretching, rocking, gliding, writhing--and made them glow.
Even more limited in availability is Reda's other creative outlet, doll making, which has so far only resulted in one gem: the fully posable Lil' Daniel Castillo doll.
Lunar links are also spotlighted in the Mission Moon Golf Adventure Set, which sells for about $15 and includes a fully posable Apollo action figure, equipped with a wooden golf club and three golf balls, on a playboard that simulates the cratered surface of the Moon.