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Art a physical attitude, esp one deliberately adopted for or represented by an artist or photographer


A query language written in 1967.

["POSE: A Language for Posing Problems to Computers", S. Schlesinger et al, CACM 10:279-285, May 1967].
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Specifically, the aims of the present study were: (a) to measure efficacy in problem posing and ability in problem posing of fifth and sixth grade students and examine for possible differences by grade, (b) to look for possible relationships between any pair of the following variables: efficacy in problem posing, ability in problem posing, and mathematics achievement, and examine whether efficacy in problem posing could predict ability in problem posing and mathematics achievement, (c) to examine the quality of the problems posed by students in each of the four tasks and the relative difficulty met by students in constructing problems from each of those tasks.
In these cases the brackets are used in inappropriate ways, suggesting that students who posed these problems have a limited understanding of the hierarchy of mathematical operations.
At the end of each session, we posed a question based on the lesson for the students to respond in their journals, as mentioned in each of the above sections.
Always posed against the same wall (sometimes painted with scenic views, sometimes decorated with bung fabrics), Fosso elaborates an experimental process of self-invention and playacting inspired by popular-magazine imagery.
2002) (police officer shot unarmed man who posed no threat).
To assess noncancer risks, the agency adopted a hazard index based on an evaluation of the respiratory hazard posed by eight of the air toxics.
Both of Brown's portraits seem to be more naturally posed than those made by the commercial photographers who shoot for her magazine.
The book contends that these responses have been at work for the last two centuries, that men have met recurrent challenges to their masculinity - challenges posed by a disappearing frontier, changing working environments, burgeoning bureaucracies, political impotence, working and voting women - by employing one or all of these strategies.
But some of the risks we attempt to reduce or eliminate in the nursing home setting aren't quite as apparent as those posed by medication errors or falls.
The asbestos removal "permanently eliminated the defect in the boiler house," but after encapsulation "to the extent that the existence of asbestos in the warehouse posed a threat .
The actress, who has been in news ever since the star cast was announced for the movie, posed in various provocative poses for the cover page of the magazine.