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Art a physical attitude, esp one deliberately adopted for or represented by an artist or photographer
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A query language written in 1967.

["POSE: A Language for Posing Problems to Computers", S. Schlesinger et al, CACM 10:279-285, May 1967].
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In a bid to look her best, the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star has been regularly hitting the gym and also posing for selfies on her Instagram profile.
The singer is also seen posing in the mirror to create raunchy artistic images of her sensational body as she hangs an old-fashioned camera from her neck.
She has revealed she was told off for posing in a bikini for a photoshoot.
This study focuses on self-efficacy of primary students with respect to problem posing.
From using levels to pose large groups to coordinating apparel and posing special groups, there are plenty of insights.
This fast-food sidewalk-shop worker in Saint-Malo, France, knows he is having his picture taken, but he is not really posing for me.
According to Kilpatrick (1987), in the mathematics classrooms problem posing can be applied as a goal or as a means of instruction.
In Office (NYC), 2004, a model posing as an office worker seemingly caught unaware as she squats to retrieve a document conspires with Kern to reappropriate the pornographic situation, coolly reproducing it in an image that is closer to the sensibility of Pierre Klossowski than the snapshot neo-realism of wild-boy lifestyle photography.
We followed this activity by posing questions such as, "Were you surprised by the number of violent acts that you counted?" We then segued into the issue of "consequences." We explained that the viewer sees acts of physical violence, yet the viewer doesn't see the consequences; i.e., Did the character have to go to the hospital?
When third-generation American master portraitist Jamie Wyeth approached Rudolf Nureyev about posing for a series of paintings at the height of his celebrity in 1974, the mercurial gay dance god barked out, "No, I have no time."
Morgan, 8th Cir., 2002 WL 31055497, where the court noted: "[t]he law...does [not] justify punitive use of force on difficult inmates not posing a real threat to other persons....
Bint has a prolific criminal history for deception which includes posing as a locum doctor in hospitals across the country and pretending to be an aristocrat in order to steal expensive cars while on test drives.