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wickshire and Coventry chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses, added: "'e fall in the unemployment rate is further positive sign for the local economy.
For most of us, buying a house and a new car are the two biggest investments we will make in our lifetimes so the fact that both these sectors are growing is a positive sign for the broader economy," Ms Giddings said.
North Korea should take action, rather than make statements indicating positive signs to resume the stalled six-party talks on Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions, a U.
While busier steel mills are a positive sign for scrap dealers, it may be too early to declare that domestic scrap markets are booming.
Atmospheric scientists report this month that levels of bromine-containing chemicals are increasing more slowly than they were a few years ago, a positive sign that nations are bringing this pollution under control.
We see this as a positive sign for business travelers as the airlines begin to again make serving the needs of customers, not the avoidance of bankruptcy, the top priority.
Initiated by a consistent up-trend in the Northern New Jersey industrial and office markets, the activity is a positive sign for the New Jersey economy and for the overall real estate market, according to Hartz president and chief operating officer, Emanuel Stern.
Taken in total, this is a positive sign that Los Angeles is finally getting serious about eradicating the scourge of urban terrorism that gangs inflict on our neighborhoods.
It's a positive sign," adds North Bay economic development officer Rick Evans.
The Council of Economic Advisers, a group of academics assisting the Bush Administration, has exonerated the record borrowing binge the US has been on, by considering the willingness of foreign investors to keep on pouring in money to finance US deficits a positive sign for the economy.
To have the Egyptian and Jordanian ambassadors return to their posts in Israel is a very positive sign.
The fact that Kruger wants the mill is a positive sign, noted Campling.