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see photographic processingphotographic processing,
set of procedures by which the latent, or invisible, image produced when a photographic film is exposed to light is made into a permanent visible image.
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a photographic image in which the relative distribution of brightness, in black-and-white photography, or colors, in color photography, corresponds to the distribution in the object photographed. Thus, a positive is opposed to a negative, in which there is an inverse distribution of brightness or a registration of the image in complementary colors. Two types of positives are distinguished—those produced on photographic materials with an opaque support, such as paper or ceramic material, and those produced on photographic materials with a transparent support, such as glass or film; the second type comprises diapositives and motion-picture film positives intended to be viewed against a light source or to be projected onto a screen.

Positives are obtained by contact or projection printing onto positive photographic materials—the positive process. With this process, a large number of positives can be made from a single negative; with projection printing, positives can be made any size. Positives produced as a single copy, such as amateur motion-picture films and slides, are made on reversal materials by reversal process. In color cinematography, in addition to the negative-positive and reversal processes, the imbibition process is used, which produces positives from three color-separation black-and-white negatives.


Having fewer electrons than normal, and hence having ability to attract electrons.
(graphic arts)
Having the same rendition of light and shade as in the original scene.
Having value greater than zero.
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In sum results indicatesthat the degree of positiveness towards MSA (72.
From these works, dynamical properties as entropy positiveness of two tape Turing machines in Blondel and Delvenne (2004), and periodicity in Kari and Ollinger (2008) and Cassaigne et al.
The study inferred positiveness as the disposition of a person towards acceptability, belief and certainty about an idea or innovation that will bring a positive change.
Mumbai: The sudden unexpected spike in crude prices played spoilsport for the Indian market, sidelining Sensex all-time highs amid some of the positiveness of country's macro level during the week.
I HAVE recently been visiting Ireland and I was once again struck by the positiveness of the country, given the horrendous economic crisis it faced only a few years ago .
Teachers create an engaging environment by fostering cooperation, positiveness, and tasks that are authentic, collaborative, and challenging.
I'm enjoying the positiveness in our batting and I think we can take that to the next level.
The workshop included three sessions, the first session tackled the concepts, definitions, components and the positiveness of governance, the second one addressed features, types, basic properties and requirements of governance to achieve growth, quality and excellence, while the third reviewed methodology of governance, in addition to a number of successful experiences in the same area.
Hasn't had the coaching experience, but she brings a lot of enthusiasm, a lot of positiveness," Hancock said.
Camacho Ali asserted that she supported Muhammed financially for three years and also gave him guidance, positiveness and emotional support when he needed it.
Therefore, we hope that this positiveness moves to the lobbies of the international conference on Syria," he added.