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see photographic processingphotographic processing,
set of procedures by which the latent, or invisible, image produced when a photographic film is exposed to light is made into a permanent visible image.
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a photographic image in which the relative distribution of brightness, in black-and-white photography, or colors, in color photography, corresponds to the distribution in the object photographed. Thus, a positive is opposed to a negative, in which there is an inverse distribution of brightness or a registration of the image in complementary colors. Two types of positives are distinguished—those produced on photographic materials with an opaque support, such as paper or ceramic material, and those produced on photographic materials with a transparent support, such as glass or film; the second type comprises diapositives and motion-picture film positives intended to be viewed against a light source or to be projected onto a screen.

Positives are obtained by contact or projection printing onto positive photographic materials—the positive process. With this process, a large number of positives can be made from a single negative; with projection printing, positives can be made any size. Positives produced as a single copy, such as amateur motion-picture films and slides, are made on reversal materials by reversal process. In color cinematography, in addition to the negative-positive and reversal processes, the imbibition process is used, which produces positives from three color-separation black-and-white negatives.


Having fewer electrons than normal, and hence having ability to attract electrons.
(graphic arts)
Having the same rendition of light and shade as in the original scene.
Having value greater than zero.
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From the first day I set foot in the training ground there has been a positiveness around the place and that's good," he said.
First, it uses logged conditional variance to relax the positiveness constraint of model coefficients.
Schiffer said: "Definitely in pregnancy the number one important factor is happiness, surround yourself with positiveness.
Objective: We aimed to investigate the concordance among preoperative clinical parameters, tumor positiveness at the surgical borders and Gleason scores (GS) determined at diagnostic prostate needle biopsy (PNB) and radical retropubic prostatectomy (RRP) specimens in patients that had undergone RRP for clinically local stage prostat cancer, and to determine the value of GS in predicting the clinical course of PNB.
Doctors hide their fear about the patient's likely resistance to change with positiveness and the pretense of agreement, and they deal with resistance by stressing the problem rather than the resistance.
This is also the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties, so both sides want to stress the importance and positiveness of relations.
MH: The work that has gone into the boat and the positiveness of the crew has created an amazing platform to build from, coupled with a great team of loyal yachties.
What gave her the courage to continue were the "empathy, positiveness and joy the audience shared in welcoming the first performance of a new club member who decided to take the journey of self-development.
T]([tau]) and its finite sample positiveness (see, e.
Lee, one of only four touring Australians who played in the monumental 2005 series here, attempted to retain his positiveness over the blow.
Doyle and Green (1994) had adopted an effective way of measuring the false positiveness of DMUs by evaluating false positive index (FPI) using the following equation.
Note that the positiveness of J follows from the condition (1.