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post office:

see postal servicepostal service,
arrangements made by a government for the transmission of letters, packages, and periodicals, and for related services. Early courier systems for government use were organized in the Persian Empire under Cyrus, in the Roman Empire, and in medieval Europe.
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Post office

An office or building where letters and parcels are received and sorted, and from where they are distributed and then dispatched to various destinations.
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post office

[′pōst ‚ȯf·əs]
(computer science)
The software and files in an electronic mail system that receive messages and deliver them to recipients.
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post office

An office or building where letters and parcels are received and sorted, and from where they are distributed and dispatched to various destinations.
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Post Office

a government department or authority in many countries responsible for postal services and often telecommunications
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The subsidy cards by Post Offices will help increase exports, encourage young businessmen and boost economy, he noted.
"I just hope that this is a long-term solution for Petersburn and that we're not here again a year or two from now lamenting the closure of another post office."
"The branch was operated by an independent retailer and the premises are currently withdrawn from Post Office use.
He said: "I welcome this news for Handbridge because I passionately believe that Post Office and banking services are integral for maintaining healthy high streets.
Thornaby post office postmaster Ali Arshad added: "I'm happy that we have a local MP, Dr Williams, who listens to local people, and fights for our area, businesses and my post office."
"We would encourage any retailer or small business owner interested in running the post office and incorporating it into their business to contact us on 0845 266 8790 and talk to an advisor or email"
Residents and small business customers will be able to access the wide range of Post Office and mails services, make online banking cash deposits, pay bills and order travel money.
Earlier this year, following a meeting with Mr Sidhpura on February 9, Jeremy Hunt, MP for South West Surrey, said the treatment of the postmaster by the Post Office Ltd was "grossly unfair and unjust".
Over the last three years the post office has commissioned paintings on its exterior walls of Alishan cultural symbols, like cherry blossoms, clouds, and the mountain railroad.
He added: "I have been in touch with the Post Office expressing concern about this and I have been reassured they are doing everything they can to find an alternative premises or provide the service in some form.
In Dubai, the extended timings will be observed in Dubai Central Post Office (Karama), Creek Post Office Deira, Deira Main Post Office and post offices in Satwa, Jumeirah, Al Rashidiya and Hor Al Anz.
Amlwch's post office closed its doors on Saturday after the premises was "withdrawn from use" according to a spokesman for the company.