post office

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post office:

see postal servicepostal service,
arrangements made by a government for the transmission of letters, packages, and periodicals, and for related services. Early courier systems for government use were organized in the Persian Empire under Cyrus, in the Roman Empire, and in medieval Europe.
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Post office

An office or building where letters and parcels are received and sorted, and from where they are distributed and then dispatched to various destinations.

post office

[′pōst ‚ȯf·əs]
(computer science)
The software and files in an electronic mail system that receive messages and deliver them to recipients.

post office

An office or building where letters and parcels are received and sorted, and from where they are distributed and dispatched to various destinations.

Post Office

a government department or authority in many countries responsible for postal services and often telecommunications
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That service could be moved to the Liverpool Post Office in Liverpool ONE - but, in the short term, the nearest Post office offering the service will be in Breck Road.
He added: "I have been in touch with the Post Office expressing concern about this and I have been reassured they are doing everything they can to find an alternative premises or provide the service in some form.
Only weeks ago, HSBC announced its intention to close its branch in the town, with customers being told they should access their accounts through the Post Office.
It also focused on branding, technology and infrastructure of the Indian post office system.
This modernisation is part of a three-year investment programme that will see around half of the Post Office network converting to new-style branches and marks a commitment to no more branch closure programmes.
I called the Muharraq post office again and provided them the reference numbers to check why the letters had not been sent to Sitra post office yet, as promised.
Our longer term plan is to open a full time post office as part of a community shop.
It follows a campaign run by Weston's Community Shop Group, and Stafford Borough Council's Post Office working group - which was set up to fight closures and support Royal Mail services in the borough.
A higher percentage of people in Wales have life limiting illnesses that may affect their ability to physically get to their nearest post office and vulnerable consumers could be disadvantaged if the demand for more products and services at locals is not addressed.
For many elderly people going to the post office is their only form of social contact.
They need attention to protect them because if we can build sales the Post Office won't take them away.