post-PC era

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post-PC era

The use of mobile devices rather than only desktop computers for games, Internet access, general computing and as a terminal to the corporate network. We are in the post-PC era today.

It Began With the Web
The Web standards were the catalyst for the post-PC era. The HTML page layout and JavaScript programming language enabled Web browsers to execute Web apps no matter which platform they run in (Windows, Mac, Linux).

When smartphones and tablets came on the scene in the late 2000s, the mobile browsers rendered the same Web pages, and soon enough, mobile versions of the very same websites.

A Lot of Execution Is Done in the Server
The same Web protocol (HTTP) is widely used by mobile apps to access Internet-based servers for information and computation. Multi-core CPUs and increasing clock rates in mobile device make them generally only one generation behind desktop and laptop computers in performance.

A major concern with mobile devices in the post-PC era is battery life as smartphones and tablets have replaced desktop computing for many users, especially for those who never worked with a computer before. See how to select a mobile device and post-digital era.

Desktop Computing Is Not Dead
Although sales of Windows and Mac computers may not keep up with the volume of mobile devices, large-screen desktop computing is by no means as defunct as media articles love to tout. There is no substitute for a 27" screen and a quality, full-size keyboard. Both desktop and mobile devices will thrive for decades to come. See BYOD.
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Market observers believe that the three PC brands from Greater China are very likely to lead the global market in the post-PC era, especially at a time when Lenovo just unseated HP as the world's No.
It features a user interface and integration options to connect users to their cloud and enables a new way to work in the post-PC era.
At this point, Dean turns to what the post-PC era actually looks like, and the man who helped usher in three decades of PC ubiquity explains that he, too, has moved beyond the PC.
But in the post-PC era, healthcare professionals are recognizing that PCs are not the most efficient way to get information from traditionally unconnected devices into the LIS/HIS.
The Taiwanese company, which was recently ranked as the second most profitable systems vendor in the world, may be considering a merger with local CE-based Palmtop manufacturer, Palmax Technology Co Ltd, to help move into what the company sees as the post-PC era.
Oracle believes that the Internet--or however the Internet eventually evolves--is becoming the venue for warehouses of all kinds of business, government and personal data and we are entering a kind of post-PC era in which a world of intelligent appliances (from computers to telephones and entertainment centers) will feed from those warehouses.
Moovweb is the world's first experience platform, empowering developers with a whole new approach to front-end Web development, making it faster and easier than ever to deliver amazing post-PC era sites and hybrid apps.
Apple's founder, Steve Jobs, once said that people are already in the post-PC era.
Most of our predictions for 2012 have come true, as a critical mass of threats escalated past the desktop environment to mark the beginning of the Post-PC era.
As we enter the post-PC era, with legacy PC shipments dropping off and sales of tablets and smart phones soaring, the Thursby SDK supports strong security across the full range of Apple mobile use cases from individuals and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), to enterprise and Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), both with or without third party Mobile Device Management (MDM).
On the post-PC era, Shih indicated that the arrival of the post-PC era doesn't mean that PC would become the past tense for the industry, but would continue to exist in diverse forms (like tablets and smartphones) in the future.
AppRadio is also further proof of our commitment to the post-PC era, where there is seamless exchange of information between devices.

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