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[‚kȯr ‚ȯi′dīd·əs]
Inflammation of the choroid.



inflammation of the vascular coat of the eye, usually affecting the retina as well (choroidoretinitis). The most frequent cause of choroiditis is an infectious disease such as tuberculosis or toxoplasmosis. The causative agent of the infection usually penetrates the vascular coat through the bloodstream. Atrophic patches then form at the focal sites of the inflammation. Patients complain of clouded vision and often of decreased visual acuity. Ophthalmoscopy is an effective means of diagnosing choroiditis. Treatment, whether general or local, depends on the cause of the inflammation. Antibiotics may be used in the general form of treatment.

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Posterior uveitis is a chronic, non-infectious inflammatory disease affecting the posterior segment of the eye, often involving the retina, which is a leading cause of blindness in the developed and developing countries.
Fluorescein angiography (FA) is useful for assessing the degree of vasculitis in posterior uveitis and differentiating between ischaemic and inflammatory neovasularisation.
pSivida plans to institute pivotal Phase III clinical trials for the treatment of posterior uveitis with the same micro-insert as ILUVIEN for DME.
Long-term treatment of refractory posterior uveitis with anti-TNFalpha (infliksimab).
Posterior uveitis affects the back part of the uvea, and involves primarily the choroid, a layer of blood vessels and connective tissue in the middle part of the eye.
If the floaters seem to be the result of white cells in the vitreous, particularly in a patient who is unwell in other ways, then it may represent posterior uveitis or possibly lymphoma.
In the presence of vitreous cells (seen on slit lamp biomicroscopy immediately behind the lens), this series of symptoms should raise the possibility of a diagnosis of a posterior uveitis (such as Birdshot Chorioretinopathy).
We are very pleased that the FDA has cleared us to proceed directly to two pivotal Phase III clinical trials of our lead development product, an injectable micro-insert for posterior uveitis," said Dr.
Professor Andrew Dick, David Copland and the team from the University's Academic Unit of Ophthalmology focused on a condition in mice similar to human posterior uveitis, the inflammation that affects the eye and which can be difficult to monitor using existing techniques.
CDS has a strong history of developing drug delivery devices for the back of the eye, including one product for cytomegalovirus retinitis, a blinding eye disease primarily afflicting late-stage AIDS patients, and another that is currently under review by the FDA for posterior uveitis.
The Company also provided an update on product development programs, including an announcement that near-term it will concentrate the majority of research and development efforts on its ophthalmic program, where it continues to pioneer the non-invasive treatment of age-related macular degeneration and posterior uveitis through the development of proprietary ophthalmic pharmaceutical systems to deliver therapeutics to the back of the eye.

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