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[‚kȯr ‚ȯi′dīd·əs]
Inflammation of the choroid.



inflammation of the vascular coat of the eye, usually affecting the retina as well (choroidoretinitis). The most frequent cause of choroiditis is an infectious disease such as tuberculosis or toxoplasmosis. The causative agent of the infection usually penetrates the vascular coat through the bloodstream. Atrophic patches then form at the focal sites of the inflammation. Patients complain of clouded vision and often of decreased visual acuity. Ophthalmoscopy is an effective means of diagnosing choroiditis. Treatment, whether general or local, depends on the cause of the inflammation. Antibiotics may be used in the general form of treatment.

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5-48 Serum Posterior uveitis Vascular group concentration group (n=12) (n=5) Median Min-Max Median Min-Max P VitB12 (pg/mL) 245.
The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Posterior Uveitis
Medidur is an injectable micro-insert designed to treat posterior uveitis that provides sustained release of flucinolone acetonide (a corticosteroid) for three years.
The value of routine polymerase chain reaction analysis of intraocular fluid specimens in the diagnosis of infectious posterior uveitis.
Posterior uveitis encompasses retinitis, choroiditis and retinal vasculitis.
TABLE International Study Group criteria for the diagnosis of Behcet's disease * (3) Recurrent oral ulceration Minor aphthous, major aphthous, or herpetiform ulceration that has recurred at least 3 times in a 12-month period Plus 2 of the following: Recurrent genital ulceration Aphthous ulceration or scarring Eye lesions Anterior uveitis, posterior uveitis, or cells in the vitreous on slit lamp examination; or retinal vacuities observed by an ophthalmologist Cutaneous lesions Erythema nodosum, pseudofolliculitis, or papulopustular lesions; or acneiform nodules in a post-adolescent patient not receiving corticosteroids Positive pathergy test Read by the physician at 24-48 h * Findings applicable only in the absence of another clinical explanation.
On examination, he was afebrile and right eye examination noted presence of posterior uveitis.
Posterior Uveitis in Patients with Positive Serology for Syphilis.
The acute posterior uveitis was not treated because of the self-limiting nature of influenza retinopathy.
A recent international expert panel suggested that anti-TNF therapy might be suitable for patients with severe, organ-threatening disease--patients with two or more relapses of posterior uveitis per year low visual acuity resulting from chronic cystoid macular edema, or active central nervous system disease (Rheumatology 2007; 46:736-41).
Originally thought of as two separate entities, Vogt-Koyanagi disease (with severe anterior uveitis, frequent vitiligo, and poliosis) and Harada's disease (with bilateral severe posterior uveitis, exudative retinal detachment, and slight anterior uveitis), these disorders are now thought to be a spectrum of one disease because they share clinical characteristics.
We are pleased with the progress of our lead development product, an injectable micro-insert for posterior uveitis.

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