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Horse racing
a. either of two upright poles marking the beginning (starting post) and end (winning post) of a racecourse
b. the finish of a horse race


1. Brit an official system of mail delivery
2. (formerly) any of a series of stations furnishing relays of men and horses to deliver mail over a fixed route
3. a rider who carried mail between such stations


Any stiff, vertical upright, made of wood, stone, or metal, used to support a superstructure or provide a firm point of lateral attachment.

angle post

The corner post in half-timbered construction.

crown post

Vertical member in a roof truss, especially a king post.

king post

A vertical member extending from the apex of the inclined rafters to the tie beam between the rafters at the lower ends of a truss, as well as in a roof.

queen post

One of the two vertical supports in a queen-post truss.



(1) Mail transmitted by postal enterprises. This includes periodicals, written correspondence, parcels, and money orders.

(2) Postal enterprises, which receive, forward, distribute and deliver mail. These enterprises include main post offices, postal centers, post offices for the transport of postal matter by rail, air, or water, and various post offices subordinate to main post offices or postal centers.

In the broad sense, the term designates the whole postal service.



(1) A place where there is military activity and which is guarded and defended by a sentry; also, an area or a sector of the terrain where a sentry carries out his duties.

In the Soviet armed forces the location of posts and the procedure for organizing and implementing guard duty and defense are set forth in the Garrison and Guard Duty Regulations of the Armed Forces of the USSR. Posts are located near the banners of units; at storehouses of ammunition, explosives, and weapons; and at combat-matériel depots.

(2) A soldier or a small military subunit carrying out a special mission, such as an antiaircraft defense post, an aviation liaison post, and a sentry post.


(civil engineering)
A vertical support such as a pillar, upright, or fence stake.
A pole used as a boundary marker.
(computer science)
To add or update records in a file.
(mining engineering)
A mine timber, or any upright timber, more commonly the uprights which support the roof crosspieces.
The support fastened between the roof and floor of a coal seam, used with certain types of mining machines or augers.
A pillar of coal or ore.
A small beacon used for marking channels; it is usually more substantial than a perch.


A strong, stiff, vertical structural member or column, usually of wood, stone, or metal, capable of supporting a framing member of the structure above it and/or providing a firm point of lateral attachment. Posts may divide the structural framework of a building into bays. The term post may be preceded by an adjective indicating its location (such as a corner post) or by an adjective indicating its shape (such as a musket-stock post). For definitions and illustrations of specific types of posts, See angle post, chimney post, corner post, crown post, doorpost, flared post, gabled post, gate post, gun-stock post, hanging post, jack post, jamb post, king post, musket-stock post, prick post, principal post,shouldered post, splayed post, sure post, teagle post, wall post.




To send a message to a mailing list or newsgroup. Usually implies that the message is sent indiscriminately to multiple users, in contrast to "mail" which implies one or more deliberately selected individual recipients.

You should only post a message if you think it will be of interest to a significant proportion of the readers of the group or list, otherwise you should use private electronic mail instead. See netiquette.


(1) (post) To place an entry on a blog or social networking site or to place a new or revised page on a website. This term dates back to the earliest days of manual record keeping, where "to post to an account" meant to make an entry in a paper ledger.

(2) (Power On Self Test) A series of built-in diagnostics performed by the BIOS in a PC when the computer is first started. See POST code and POST card.

(3) (POST) An HTTP command used to send text to a Web server for processing. See HTTP POST.

(4) (post) Short for post-production.
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Aleppo, (SANA) A source at the General Establishment for Drinking Water and Sewage Waste Disposal in Aleppo said Saturday that maintenance teams are working on isolating the damaged sections of the water grid in the city, specifically in Bustan al-Qasr area, which were sabotaged by terrorist attack, as to supply all of the city with water posthaste.
If a farmer complains of the theft of his carabao, they recover it posthaste.
For his part, Head of Homs Water Directorate Hassan Hamydan said that the maintenance teams are working on fixing pipelines and damaged water grids in Homs downtown, vowing to make water networks functional posthaste.
We want their conditional use permit revoked posthaste and the dump closed,'' said Berti, who fears the landfill may contaminate ground water serving the town of Val Verde.
If MayMay has learned this lesson posthaste after her MMK flub, she can do better on her next attempt to prove that she's got the real goods as an actress.
Colorado lensman Keith Eric Davidson has taken the staff photog job for Genetics and was sent up north, posthaste, to get some shots of am Alaska Jerry before the skatespots are "frozen and crawling with polar bears.
But since then, little has been heard of the case beyond the request by the Kuwaiti government that the couple be deported posthaste on suspicion of being part of a terrorist plot.
IN A MOVE CALLED DESTINY BY FRIENDS AND FOES ALIKE, flawless Paul Rodriguez is pro for Girl skateboards with boards to arrive in stores posthaste.
One way to avoid the catastrophe is to appoint posthaste a no-nonsense island tourism czar who will waste no time in strictly implementing the plans and the regulations.
For those running out of fingers, fear not: Rumor has several present pros shuffled to a future Master's Division company to be announced posthaste (soon).
The Argentine traveled posthaste to the Philippines and participated in a Salcedo auction.