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see calendulacalendula
, any species of the genus Calendula, Old World plants of the family Asteraceae (aster family). The common calendula (C. officinalis), an annual with yellow to deep orange flower heads produced through a long blooming season, was a popular garden flower
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A great flower for eating, calendula blossoms are peppery, tangy, and spicy. Beautiful golden color. Sharp taste similar to saffron. Use to add yellow color to dishes. Anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, acne, controls bleeding, menstrual cycle, soothes irritated tissues, rashes, sunburn, radiation pain, abdominal cramps, constipation, anti-tumor, duodenal ulcers. Used on slow-healing wounds (helps grow new healthy cells). Some people may have reactions. Do not take while pregnant.
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Pot Marigold


the common name of Calendula officinalis, an herbaceous plant of the family Compositae. The pot marigold is widely used in floriculture and as a medicinal and dye plant.

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Pot marigolds serve a dual purpose as they attract hoverflies, whose larvae also feed on aphids.
Pot marigolds are packed with animal magnetism - their bright orange colour attracts predators such as hoverflies and draws in bees and other pollinators, which ultimately means better yields.
When all is done you can rake each area over lightly and water in officinalis - pot marigolds; Nigella damascena - love-in-a-mist; Limnanthes douglasii - the poached egg plant and Centaurea cyaneus - cornflowers.
Much nearer our times, pot marigolds and orange blossoms were an established part of medieval cooking and modern restaurants use edible flowers to enhance salads, as well as for decorating starters and desserts.
Plants from pounds 2.95 (www.gardens4you.co.uk, 0808 234 7223) POT MARIGOLDS An essential plant for any cottage garden, this will brighten borders.
Try petunias, convolvulus, phacelia or pot marigolds, and dead-head them regularly to encourage fresh flowering.
We also plant pot marigolds among the vegetables because they are excellent companion plants.
Amber nectar for happy veg POT marigolds, or calendula, are packed with animal magnetism - their bright orange colour attracts predators such as hoverflies and draws in bees.
There's something for kids as well - a children's summer-flower garden containing sunflowers, nasturtiums, pot marigolds and anemones.