potential transformer

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potential transformer

[pə′ten·chəl tranz′fȯr·mər]

voltage transformer

A transformer whose primary is connected to a medium-voltage source and whose secondary is connected to a load at lower voltage.
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Tenders are invited for rmo sub station at vigyan bhawan, new delhi sh replacement of bushing assembly spouts in the existing 11 kv potential transformer suitable for 11kv/110v class 0.5 burden 100va
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Capacitive Voltage Transformers & Potential Transformers-420 KV Capacitive Voltage Transformer along with all other accessories as per Technical specification, 220 KV Capacitive Voltage Transformer, 220 KV Potential Transformer, 132 KV Potential Transformer, 66 KV Potential Transformer, 33 KV Potential Transformer Document cost : INR 5900 Document Purchase Start date : 29 Jul 2019 Document Purchase End date : 05 Aug 2019 Pre-bid meeting date : 22 Jul 2019 Opening date : 07 Aug 2019
Tenders are invited for Procurement Of 33 Kv Vacuum Circuit Breaker (Outdoor Type) And Current Transformer & Potential Transformer For 33 Kv System.
Contract awarded for 4598ns-25 kv potential transformer (type-ii) out door, single phase, oil filled potental transformer of ratio 25kv/110v as per rdso spcn no ti/spc/psi/pts/0990 with a&c slip 1 to 5 or latest.accepted make/br

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