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an increase in the efficiency of the physiological mechanisms after a period of activity. Potentiation is widespread in nature, but its underlying mechanisms vary from case to case.

An important part in neural activity is played by postsynaptic potentiation, manifested by facilitated transmission of a signal across a synapse for many seconds or several minutes after a period of synaptic activity. Postsynaptic potentiation is based on the increased probability of a mediator’s quanta being released from presynaptic nerve endings and is believed to be one of the mechanisms involved in learning and memory.

Potentiation is also characteristic of muscular activity (contraction potentiation) and of the sensory organs (light and sound potentiation). Here it results from the slowly subsiding effects of afterdischarge.

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No identity is unscathed and watertight and for this reason democratization, understood as an autonomous and sovereign process, implies potentialization of the capacity to relate.
If experience is a precondition to creation of new art and if such creation may be understood to subsume artistic "advancement," "growth," or, at the least, "difference," the process will require significant potentialization from a source beyond the personal resources (experience preserved in memory) of the creator.