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Functions or sets of functions from whose first derivatives a vector can be formed. A vector is a quantity which has a magnitude and a direction, such as force.

A single function, the scalar potential, is used in gravitation theory, electricity and magnetism, fluid mechanics, and other areas. The vectors obtained from it by partial differentiation are in these cases the gravitational, electric and magnetic field strengths, and the velocity, respectively. The vector potential is a set of three functions whose first derivatives give the magnetic induction. See Electric field, Gravitation, Laplace's irrotational motion

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Nevertheless, if the steel native or rest potentials can be known, the level of cathodic polarization applied on the steel pipe surface for a given off-potential can be evaluated and provides a more direct measure (than an off-potential) on the magnitude of corrosion rate reduction.
There are social forces inherent in groups, which can easily activate our creative or destructive potentials.
ground] for a given set of adiabatic Born-Oppenheimer (ABO) potentials which are derived from experimental Rydberg-Klein-Rees (RKR) potentials.
If they meet via the IEEE 1394 bus, the designer must take certain precautions or else the potential for problems increases.
Stakeholder management will allow physician executives not only to identify stakeholders, but also to assess their potentials and proactively develop practical strategies.
This theory puts back the cue ball in the form of a quantum potential that mediates information between the two correlated particles.
This parameter is the starting point in calculating the ozone depletion and global warming potentials of these substances.

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