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Music a medley of popular tunes



an instrument piece comprised of popular melodies from an opera, operetta, or ballet or of melodies written by an individual composer or taken from folk songs, dances, marches, or motion pictures. Usually the melodies in a potpourri do not develop but simply follow one another. Between individual melodies short passages are introduced, which serve the purpose of modulation and thematic transition. Widespread since the 19th century, potpourris are written for various instrumental groups, most commonly for variety-stage orchestras and brass bands.

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The Potpourri project "normally would generate $7 million in additional tax revenue,'' according to the Lowell Sun.
Last year, Holiday Potpourri raised more than $200,000 for the school, an amount that Herring has seen skyrocket since his first Holiday Potpourri in 1987, where $25,000 was raised.
She said she was told the potpourri, manufactured by a company called Sono Inc.
Most prominently I would like to mention here our line of potpourri gifts, which are all handmade by our individuals and marketed under the brand "Ability Nation ScentsationsaE".
Lavender is not the only aromatic plant which can be harvested for potpourri at this time of year.
In 1987, Hanna's wife, Donna, made potpourri from acorns, pine cones, pine needles and leaves that she found in their yard.
In his autobiographical potpourri Chop Suey, Weber shows us how he plucked a heartbreak-handsome teen from a Wisconsin wrestling team and turned him into a superstar model.
To organize this potpourri of artistic expression, we turned to Claymania ($17.
The color palette for the unique new floor includes Crushed Red, Deep Plum, Mauve Potpourri, Blue Vapor, Berry Blue, Cactus Green, Green Lake, Washed Stone, Desert Sand, Silver Bullet, Slated Gray and Sand Dune.
Brixius proudly displays everything from signed book jackets to his inaugural china to potpourri made from the flowers used at Nixon's funeral.
This small hook is a delightful potpourri of "tree stories" that author Gayle Brandow Samuels calls "a few trees selected from a great forest.
Even dried-up wreaths and garlands could be pulled apart and placed with scented fruit slices, leaves and berries for instant and cheap potpourri.