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Music a medley of popular tunes



an instrument piece comprised of popular melodies from an opera, operetta, or ballet or of melodies written by an individual composer or taken from folk songs, dances, marches, or motion pictures. Usually the melodies in a potpourri do not develop but simply follow one another. Between individual melodies short passages are introduced, which serve the purpose of modulation and thematic transition. Widespread since the 19th century, potpourris are written for various instrumental groups, most commonly for variety-stage orchestras and brass bands.

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The Potpourri project "normally would generate $7 million in additional tax revenue,'' according to the Lowell Sun.
Last year, Holiday Potpourri raised more than $200,000 for the school, an amount that Herring has seen skyrocket since his first Holiday Potpourri in 1987, where $25,000 was raised.
She said she was told the potpourri, manufactured by a company called Sono Inc.
Potpourri Group focuses on serving women, offering products of 13 brands.
In November potpourri will be added to the line, which was designed to bring the outdoor garden experience indoors.
An 18-year-old damaged his holidaying step-dad's luxury Audi - after finding the keys hidden in some potpourri.
When the plants a recompletely dry you can either keep the stalks on and use them in flower arrangements or rub the flower buds free of the stalks and add them to your potpourri, or make lavender bags which can be used inside drawers to make your clothes smellfresh.
Lavender is not the only aromatic plant which can be harvested for potpourri at this time of year.
Since its inception in 1987 as Hanna's Potpourri Specialties, the company has grown from a backyard bag of leaves and twigs to be one of the largest candle manufacturers in the world, if not the largest.
Sign up at the Information Desk in the Registration area for an evening of delectable cuisine at one of Washington's potpourri of excellent eating establishments.
Boots Botanics Winter Warmer Kit, pounds 10 Cosy up with lotions, potions, scrummy potpourri and a scented candle
As usual, the auto industry has a potpourri of "standards" in the works.