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The new venues, Potting Shed Bar & Gardens and FIREPIT Smokehouse & Sports Bar are located on the site of the former Sandgrounder pub, on Lord Street.
My potting shed is bigger than most - I'- I'm not showing off, it had to be big because it is the same shed had when I ran a nursery.
The old Potting Shed is used as a workshop and engine shed.
Historic Scotland awarded pounds 97,000 to convert potting sheds on Lord Lyell's vast, B-listed, 18th- century walled garden into a small cottage.
The police have cameras and gadgets to catch speeding drivers so why don't you people get back to your potting sheds and give us all a break.
50 Years Ago A start has been made in tidying up Birmingham's 'shanty town' municipal allotments by the removal of derelict potting sheds and tool houses and the substitution of Corporation-owned lock-ups.
The architectural language of sturdy walls and corrugated steel roofs evokes the potting sheds and nursery buildings that formerly occupied the site.
Concept bar specialists Ormsborough Ltd, which already owns and operates five Potting Sheds and two FIREPITs in Yorkshire, took over and invested a total of [pounds sterling]2.6 million.
THEY may be small, draughty, dingy and smelly, but behind the creosoted doors of Wales's potting sheds lurk some surprising secrets.
He chose one about gardens and potting sheds and when to open the windows in your greenhouse.
Warwick District Council leisure chiefs also want the consent of councillors for a new children's play area and for the demolition of old potting sheds in the park.
Most sheds purport to be work places, many are potting sheds where some serious seedsowing and cutting-taking is carried out.