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see lorisloris,
name for slow-moving, nocturnal, arboreal primates of the family Lorisidae, found Africa and Asia. True lorises, found in India, Sri Lanka, and SE Asia, have round heads, large round eyes, and furry bodies. They have no tails, and their index fingers are vestigial.
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The Tomahawk Steakhouse at Potto was formerly the Dog and Gun pub
In part, this is because it includes a scholarly introduction and appendix, but it is also because Fadeev is a more interesting analyst than Potto.
HERE are two of the world's most famous muppets - and Sesame Tree favourites Potto and Archie.
The court heard Dr Gill's parents left Potto Carr Farm, near Northallerton, to the RSPCA, despite Joyce Gill's "avowed dislike" of the charity.
The farm, valued at around pounds 2m, in Potto, near Northallerton, had been left under her mother's will to the RSPCA.
Judge James Allen QC said it would be "unconscionable" if Dr Gill did not inherit Potto Carr Farm, near Northallerton, where she voluntarily helped out over more than 30 years.
WE are quite excited by a litter by Potto Knows who are three weeks old, whilst there's also one been whelped this week by Maxie Rumble - one of his first litters are now schooling and look rather nice.
5 million of the potto has passed the 180-day claim deadline.
Mutual Series also announced the following promotions: Susan Potto and Jeff Diamond have been named portfolio managers, and Timothy Rankin, Deborah Turner and Joshua Ross have been named assistant portfolio managers.
The house is described by the agent as "semi-rural" - on the fringes of Potto and Hutton Rudby with easy access to the A19.
William Hill spokesman Tony Kenny said: "The mega jackpot has sent the nation potto for the Lotto.
BALLYDELLY IVY has been mated to Potto Knows, the sire of Vamoose - it's an excellent outcross and a winning line.