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see lorisloris,
name for slow-moving, nocturnal, arboreal primates of the family Lorisidae, found Africa and Asia. True lorises, found in India, Sri Lanka, and SE Asia, have round heads, large round eyes, and furry bodies. They have no tails, and their index fingers are vestigial.
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John and Joyce Gill had made mirror wills in 1993 leaving Potto Carr to the survivor and on the second death to the RSPCA.
A Prestons of Potto lorry, above, and Anne Preston, inset, who now runs the company with her son David
It has its head office in Potto and three other sites in West Yorkshire, York and a base 50 miles north of London.
MUPPETS: McGuinness with Potto and Hilda yesterday; FUN: Jude Daly, three, with Hilda
1957 was a special year for the couple as it was also the year they started up Prestons of Potto.
Hilda, the Irish hare muppet, meets the children and takes their questions to Potto in his magical hollowed-out question tree - Sesame Tree.
Potto and Hilda will star alongside legendary muppets Elmo, Bert and Ernie and the Cookie Monster.
Shevchenko (T1) leads at the first bend from Bockos The Bizz (T4), Kellymount Vieri (T6), Harry Potto (T5) and Treasure Two (T3)
Punters are set to go lotto potto again with yet another rollover week.
There will be keynote speeches from Anne Preston MBE, of Prestons of Potto, and Anita Brightley-Hodges, of Family Business Place, as well as exhibitions and networking opportunities.
Last Friday I saw Potto Carr Farm for sale in the local newspaper priced in excess of pounds 1.
Tote (Gold Collar): 9-2 Haughty Ted, 7 Shevchenko, 8 Mastercard , Toms Little Jo, 12 Lenson Star, Orient Ron, Vintage Drifter, 14 Wall Of Tears, 16 Bale Out, 20 Bockos The Bizz, Cash Bonus, Rio Rondo, 25 Blue Meanie, Countrywidekeith, Santa Salvius, 33 Ashington Flyer, Capitano Piccolo, Cooly Cougar, Droopys Kenters, Fat Lip, Greencroft Vic, Iceman Mork, Kellymount Vieri, Kilgrogan Tex, Palacemews Lad, Priceless Speed, Sympatico, Treasure Two, 40 Bonville Ranger, Joes Baby, Peacocks Sunset, Swhimasnel, Topmeup, 50 Bale Storm, Harry Potto, Lenas Oscar, Split The Score, Wallington Royal, 66 Full Irish, Hollin Sarah, Prize Hero, Toms Euro, 80 Janetta, 100 Jennys Jo, Little Showoff, Opus Louie, Thatsnot Bacardi, Weldtec Blue (e/w 1,2,3,4)