poured concrete

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A composite stonelike material formed by mixing an aggregate (such as stones of irregular shape or crushed rock) with cement (which acts as the binding material) and water, then allowing the mixture to dry and harden; portland cement, now used in making concrete, was not developed until the 19th century. Also see average concrete, cyclopean concrete, poured concrete, reinforced concrete.
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The Gunite method is more commonly used in our luxury swimming pool builds than poured concrete due to its many benefits" says Jack.
After the sub floor and poured concrete foundation were removed, the deconstruction crew was ready for final sight cleanup--the exposed earth within and around the buildings footprint was raked clean.
The primer, which can be applied as soon as concrete is able to support foot traffic, maintains the water content of poured concrete so that it dries successfully without cracking.
When pressed, Cutler employs a description the tequila industry understandably hates: "It tastes like the smell of freshly poured concrete, or a hot street after a quick summer cloudburst," he says.
The ramp leading to the lower level is of simple poured concrete with no applied finish.
It works best with poured concrete since heavy-duty wall ties are used to stabilize the frame.
Surface 1 was poured concrete with a brush finish; 2, 3, and 4 were made from interlocking concrete pavers with various beveled edges; and 5 and 6 were fired clay bricks in a 45[degrees] herringbone pattern.
The cylindrical, 12-inch-diameter tiles, which are available at many building supply centers, give the columns their warm color and serve as forms for the poured concrete cores.
Being above ground eliminates the need for poured concrete pits.
Another option is to place one end in a small circle of poured concrete to hold the shaft upright.
He used poured concrete slabs for foundations and prefabricated walls to create row upon row of nearly identical houses.
They set up cutting torches and welding units and build the gates on-site for a perfect fit, then anchor them in place with poured concrete.