poured floor

polymeric poured floor

A floor covering which is composed of a polymeric material poured on a substrate; converts to a thick built-up floor covering; may incorporate mineral or plastic chips, desiccants, fillers, or pigments.
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The spray gun can summon the plasticky, oozing, devouring aesthetic of Lynda Benglis's poured floor sculptures, and it can easily deliver a polished simulation of the arc-and-splatter style of the AbExers Benglis so magnificently spoofed.
In answer to your question regarding Londonbased companies, you'll be delighted to hear that Floored Genius have taken the best qualities from this industrial background and melded them with the latest in contemporary interior design to create a new type of poured floor: one that will transform your home - and the best part is that they're based in South Wales.
I propose to use self-leveling poured floor, which is pale brown.
poured floor and he needed to use shims if the dishwasher was going to slide under the counter."
Noted painter Ellen Liman began, sketching Grand Beekman from her neighboring penthouse at the River House as concrete was poured floor by floor for the 32-story condominium.
ONE OPTION THAT WAS QUITE COMMON IN FLORIDA HOMES in earlier days is terrazzo, a poured floor that combines concrete with bits of shiny stones such as marble.