power brake

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power brake:

see brakebrake,
in technology, device to slow or stop the motion of a mechanism or vehicle. Types
Friction Brakes

Friction brakes, the most common kind, operate on the principle that friction can be used to convert the mechanical energy of a moving object into
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power brake

[′pau̇·ər ‚brāk]
(mechanical engineering)
An automotive brake with engine-intake-manifold vacuum used to amplify the atmospheric pressure on a piston operated by movement of the brake pedal.
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Loaded with every factory option of the day, including leather upholstery, a headlight dimmer, backup lights, power brakes and steering, hydraulic power windows and front seat, it also had a heater/defroster and a "Wonderbar" radio.
Power brakes, windows and driver's seat are also standard equipment.
The loss of a foot would require power brakes and an automatic transmission.
Advances like power steering, power brakes and automatic transmissions helped bring automobiles to the masses.
According to the company, jarring road conditions could cause the ignition switch to move into the off or accessory position, which disables the power steering, power brakes and air bags.
TOM: When you turn off the ignition, you lose your power steering and power brakes, making the car very difficult to steer or stop.
In the recalled vehicles, contact with a driver's knee or other outside force can move the ignition switch from on to off, causing the engine to stall and cutting power brakes and power steering.
That shuts off the power steering and power brakes, making cars harder to control.
The car is run by internal power steering, power brakes and a variety of on-board computers.
Those switches, without warning, can make vehicle engines stall during operation and stop air bags from deploying and power steering and power brakes from operating.
No power steering or power brakes. And watch that hand-crank when starting.
Quite a lot considering there was no stereo, power brakes and no proper hood.