power cart

power buggy

A materials-handling machine, about the size of a wheelbarrow, driven by a gasoline-powered engine or electric motor.
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It was also identified that the power cart used was possibly being unnecessarily grounded per the technical order, which may be causing additional problems.
A four-horse team can pull a big round baler with the power cart for making the bale.
The Couple's Night promotion is $79 per couple, and includes nine holes, one power cart and two $10 restaurant vouchers.
My first mistake was allowing our NC-10 power cart to be parked on the left side of aircraft 405, one of the aircraft we were checking.
Our power problems continued, even with the second power cart.
Transportation industry executives will enjoy a BBQ lunch, round of golf, power cart and buffet dinner all while supporting a worthy cause.
The Alexandra Resort offers an 18-hole green fee with power cart rental for just $125 per person - a $55 savings off the regular rate at the golf club.
During a routine pre-flight inspection, SSgt Esquibel noticed an acrid smell coming from a power cart and saw smoke pouring out of the control panel after it had been shut down.
Not wanting to cause a missed flight, I quickly checked around for another power cart.
Onaping Golf & Beach Club Power cart,push cart and
A green fee for 18 holes of play plus power cart cost just $125 when combined with any of the getaway packages, representing a savings of $55 off the normal $180 green fee price.
As I gave him the go ahead, I saw a power cart outside the hangar.