power float

rotary float, power float

rotary float
A motor-driven revolving disk that smooths, flattens, and compacts the surface of concrete floors or floor toppings.
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Sub contractor Gallagher used the new 'roller pact' concrete system, making the AC Goatham & Son development one of the first in Kent to benefit from the technique, while the inside of the building was finished with a power float floor.
The STG 24 is a small power float edger intended for smaller slabs and finishing edges, especially in confined spaces and by walls.
Aquino herself; "Kapit-Bisig" or People Power float in wood; and "Supremo."
Thief went into Persimmon Homes development and stole power float and drainage fittings.
The construction, at the Dorset brewery which was established in 1777, consists of a clad steel frame with superstructure, brick and block work and power float concrete floor slabs.
Clive wins a Shakespeare MACH 3 Power float rod and MACH 3 rear-drag reel in a case with spare spools.
The most common are the Swedish hose pump, the floating wave power vessel, and the Danish wave power float pump device, which uses a float to power a piston.
Freshwater lake or canal fans can win a MACH 3 Power float rod with a MACH 3 rear-drag reel.
SHAKESPEARE'S 13ft 6ins (4.11m) MACH 3 Power float rod is a souped-up version of a 13ft model for more distance and control with stronger rigs.
The top-scoring coarse fish wins a MACH 3 Power Float rod with a a MACH 3 rear-drag reel in a case with spare spools.