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Inspection revealed the linkage between the power lever and the condition lever on the fuel control unit was corroded and the linkage jammed with residue.
At 200 feet the pilot experienced a "series of power fluctuations," which caused the aircraft to descend as the pilot "engaged the emergency power lever."
* Wilkinson Sword Power Lever grass and hedge shears.
The engines are full FADEC, so startup and operation is largely pushing a button or moving a power lever to command the system.
The power lever is placed greater than 63.8 degrees PLA.
After the aircraft was brought down to the hangar bay for maintenance, our mechanics found that a bolt on the starboard engine power lever coordinator had come off.
Seconds after Ahern hit the power lever, TV3 burst onto the television screens of thousands of curious Irish viewers.
Crew lost control of power settings due to separation of engine control rod end from power lever. Cause of separation was failure of cotter pin retaining clevis pin between cable end and power lever.
He set the power lever to idle to reduce the temperature.