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Andy von Flotow, "UAVs that carry their VTOL-stuff for the entire mission invariably skimp on VTOL component sizing, sacrificing redundancy, power margin and high/hot capability."
SEP's leverage will stay high in 2018 due to the consolidation of the higher-leveraged SPIC Jiangsu, heavy capex for its Minhang gas-fired plant, its Turkey project and renewable power projects, although we expect its coal power margin to improve starting 2018.
The reactive power margin in a VCA has been used in [2], [36-39] to provide an indication of the state of power systems.
The fuel-consumption gap was as narrow as the power margin between both variants, with city/highway efficiency ratings of 25/28 mpg for the hybrid and 20/27 mpg for the V6 package.
Our power calculations were accurate, but we were operating with a small power margin, maybe four percent TQ.
It gains a 2.6mpg fuel economy advantage and a 3bhp power margin plus a lower carbon footprint.
The carp weighed-in at 56lb with a fine score of 85 per cent of the UK record and wins Andy, 28, a senior computer engineer, a Shakespeare Polestar Power Margin pole with a Polestar Margin Top 2 kit.
Mochtar said blackouts could occur because the firm was operating with a C[pounds sterling]very high riskC[yen] power margin reserve of about 20 per cent, while to maintain secure power 30 per cent was needed.
'Mission success' "It's been very successful and Mars had proven itself to be very interesting, mechanically the spacecraft is operating great, and there's plenty of power margin to carry us beyond the waning summer," he said.
The new discs have a wide power margin at any writing speeds from 1X to 6X.
The high recording sensitivity plus the wider power margin of the new recording layer ensure a low error rate, regardless of drive power fluctuations or smudges on the disc surface.
Engineers rate each component separately with added power margin. When components are aggregated the margin above the minimum essential power load requirement adds up and may cause your electrical load requirement calculations to exceed good generator loading practice.
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