power point

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power point

1. an electrical socket mounted on or recessed into a wall
2. such a socket, esp one installed before the introduction of 13 ampere ring mains, that is designed to provide a current of up to 15 amperes for supplying heaters, etc., rather than lights
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The de facto standard presentation graphics program for Windows and Mac from Microsoft. It is the most widely used application for creating a computer-based presentation or slide show. PowerPoint files are saved with a PPS or PPTX file extension, although the original PPS format is used for compatibility with older PowerPoint versions and viewer software.

Even If It Isn't a PowerPoint
People call any computer-based presentation a PowerPoint even if it is created in another presentation program.

Movies Are Linked
Inserting a video onto a PowerPoint slide actually only links the file, and all linked videos must accompany the PPS or PPTX presentation in order to play. Videos spice up a presentation but may be a problem sending via email as the files are very large. See presentation graphics.

Predefined Formats
Predefined templates have text boxes laid out in commonly used patterns.

A Boatload of Transitions
Everyone can be a videographer with all the transition formats to choose from, and there are more than just these.
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Cross sectional study was conducted in 2018 among undergraduate medical students of 9th semester, at the department of obstetrics & gynaecology in Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India to evaluate the opinions regarding three teaching aids (Black board, overhead projector and power point presentation) used during gynaecology lectures.
They briefed about the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification program that normally it costs around $100 for each module (Office, Power Point and Excel) but HEC in collaboration with Microsoft and TEC Foundation is offering all students, faculty and staff of the University to avail the opportunity of appearing in this exam for free.
Traditional presentation, tool as Power Point documents all glides trail in line order and each glide is of similar dimension, while summary slides empathize on whole lecture's configuration.
A MPPT system directs the operating point of PV system toward maximum power point [21].
Intelligent systems such as neural networks (NN) and fuzzy logic controllers (FLC) have been used successfully in tracking the maximum power point of PV to decrease computation power requirement, while increasing the speed and efficiency of the tracking [2].
Mathematical models are used to model the behaviour of the PV cell in terms of open circuit voltage, short circuit current and maximum power point voltage and current.
Maximum power point tracking is a technique used to achieve maximum power from the panel whenever the irradiance is below the required amount, this maximum power can be achieved by means of buck boost converter which has the inductor which acts as a temporary storage element for giving additional current flow in the circuit whenever there is a need.
Then, the maximum power point is calculated and optimized by the swarm intelligence algorithms.
The PV module can also be characterized by the maximum power point where the product of its voltage ([V.sub.mp]) and its current ([I.sub.mp]) is at its maximum value.
ABSTRACT: This paper presents a new maximum power point tracking (MPPT) controller based on a fuzzy logic control under fluctuating wind velocities in a wind energy conversion system (WECS) which consists of a wind turbine, directly coupled with a permanent magnet synchronous generator, rectifier, boost converter and resistive load.
The show is titled 'Dave Gorman Gets Straight to the Point - the Power Point' and for the most part, he does.