power trowel

mechanical trowel

A trowel consisting of power-driven metal or rubber blades for smoothing.
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The extremely thin layer of MasterKure 111WB on the surface also has another benefit as it works extremely well as a troweling aid: When the concrete is treated with the power trowel later on, MasterKure 111WB acts like a lubricant, thereby facilitating the entire troweling process.
The third slab] with the Lythic, it brought the cream back up, filled in all the holes and made it nice and easy to power trowel.
STG power trowels are geared to jobs where smoother finished surfaces are essential, with models for small edging tasks to larger floors.
Sources of carbon monoxide include cigarette smoke, house fires, faulty furnaces, heaters, wood-burning stoves, internal combustion vehicle exhaust, electrical generators, propane-fueled equipment such as portable stoves, and gasoline-powered tools such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers, high-pressure washers, concrete cutting saws, power trowels, and welders.