power-control lever

power lever

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During high-speed low-level flight, when compressor delivery pressure exceeds limits, the limiter opens against the spring force and bleeds off air pressure to the acceleration control unit (ACU) control capsule. The ACU at this stage reduces the pump stroke and thus the fuel supply.
In a gas turbine engine, the lever used to actuate the fuel-control unit. It is another name for the throttle. Also called a power-control lever. See throttle.
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1 engine power-control lever (PCL) out of the fly detent to bring the overspeed condition into control.
I thought that my student had nervously slammed the power-control lever (PCL) to idle, anticipating leveling off at altitude.
After checking oil pressure, we advanced the power-control lever (PCL) to max and initiated a climb for the next maneuver.
The power-control lever (PCL) was at idle by the time I answered my own question and had uttered a few choice words.
I would initiate the simulated power loss at 7,000-feet MSL by bringing the power-control lever (PCL) to idle.
2 engine's power-control lever (PCL) and waited for her to concur.
At 200 feet AGL, the AC called for both power-control levers (PCLs) to be moved to "OFF." I waited until we reached 100 feet and did just that.
We brought both power-control levers to idle and waited for the engines to stabilize.