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In the ancient Roman Empire, the official residence of a provincial governor; a hall of justice; a palace.
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A primeira fase, entrevista com roteiro semi-estruturado ao empreendedor, teve a intencao de identificar as acoes na construcao da empresa Praetorium e que podem ter influenciado e apoiado a expansao da mesma ao longo dos seus atuais 14 anos de historia.
(103.) The imperial praetorium, that is a municipal function was located at the Forum of Leo in the first hill of Constantinople in the time of the siege; however, in the time of emperor Constantine VII, who gives the specific information, it was at the Gate of Drungarios in close proximity to the mosque of the muslim traders known as Mitaton.
In the Roman period a praetorium used as a hotel and restaurant is mentioned in an exceptional inscription found at Dion (Pantermalis 2002, pp.
He was promoted to the rank of Prefect of the Praetorium under the reign of the very young Gordian III and then possibly ordered his soldiers to massacre him in 244, in order to wear the colour purple.
The praetorium of Pilate that is now rendered desolate by the power of the one who was then crucified.
We walk through Jerusalem on weary feet, to the garden to watch and pray with him, to the praetorium to weep for him, to the cross to die with him.
Jefe supremo con jurisdiccion militar, cuyo cuartel principal estaba en el praetorium. 2.
Cuando un cansado y sudoriento Cipriano llega escoltado al praetorium, el asiento en el que descansa esperando al proconsul ya habia sido cubierto con lino, para que "aun en el gran momento de su pasion pudiera disfrutar el honor del episcopado" (35).
[A.sup.1] 18:28-32 Outside the praetorium the Jews refuse Pilate's offer to judge Jesus themselves [B.sup.1] 18:33-38a Inside Jesus reveals his kingship to Pilate [A.sup.2] 18:38b-40 Outside the Jews reject Pilate's offer to release Jesus as their king [B.sup.2] 19:1-3 Inside Pilate's soldiers mock Jesus' kingship [A.sup.3] 19:4-7 Outside the Jews reject Pilate's offer of the innocent Jesus, God's Son [B.sup.3] 19:8-11 Inside Jesus reveals his divine origin to Pilate
This summer we have been concentrating on two areas - the extensive Praetorium (palace of the Roman governor), and the largest Christian basilica in Crete'.
One could attempt to defend Caesar and resolve his contradiction of Velleius by maintaining that his manuscript should read Thermum praetorium; Favonius would then belong to the college of 49, and Thermus to that of an earlier year.
There is a loag established traditioa of understanding praetorium here as ~judgemeat hall'.