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In the ancient Roman Empire, the official residence of a provincial governor; a hall of justice; a palace.
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In the Praetorium, after Jesus has been arrested by the temple guard and handed over to Pilate for trial, Pilate, the representative of Roman authority, appears caught between the demand for Jesus' death and Roman justice, which would acquit him.
It is the traditional path along which Jesus agonized from the Praetorium (close-by St.
In January 2009, we concluded the acquisition of Praetorium, which provides preparatory courses for civil services and the Bar Examination (OAB), marking SEB's debut in one of the education sector's highest potential growth segments.
Andreae, Praetorium Speluncae: Tiberius und Ovid in Sperlonga, Mainz, 1994, argues that they are marble copies of second-century BCE bronze originals; whereas N.