prairie chicken

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prairie chicken:

see grousegrouse,
common name for a game bird of the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere. There are about 18 species. Grouse are henlike terrestrial birds, protectively plumaged in shades of red, brown, and gray.
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Bowdoin, Texans Flock to Save a Native Grouse: The Attwater's Prairie Chicken Recovery Plan (visited Apr.
The counties contain significant portions of Lesser Prairie Chicken range and significant amounts oil and natural gas development, agriculture and farming.
Spring and summer movements and habitat use by lesser prairie chicken females in Yoakum County, Texas.
Right: This dancer wears a fine prairie chicken outfit.
The initiative is jointly sponsored by the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), the Sam Houston Resource Conservation and Development Board, and local Soil and Water Conservation Districts.
It wasn't long before prairie chickens were "booming" in ritualistic mating dances.
Lesser Prairie Chicken densities on shinnery oak and sand sagebrush rangelands in Oklahoma.
Fleet's painting, "Story of the Prairie Chicken Dance" (plate #24) is a compact series of five vignettes on one page depicting how the Chicken Dance came to the people of the Plains.
I think the only [Blackfoot] societies that have not been invaded are the prairie chicken and the bundle holders.
His stories reveal his passion for nature, rural life and such game birds as the woodcock, grouse, prairie chicken and Canada goose.