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prairie chicken:

see grousegrouse,
common name for a game bird of the colder parts of the Northern Hemisphere. There are about 18 species. Grouse are henlike terrestrial birds, protectively plumaged in shades of red, brown, and gray.
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Located in the heart of the prairie pothole region, there were lots of pheasants and waterfowl a few miles from town and plenty of prairie grouse and Hungarian partridge to the west.
Translocated prairie grouse tend to move more than resident birds (Hamerstrom and Hamerstrom, 1949; Toepfer, 1988; Kemink and Kesler, 2013).
We hunt all over, 30 to 40 days each year on quail in Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Texas, and on pheasants and prairie grouse in South Dakota.
Ruffed grouse Drumming surveys a) Roadside 2 3 b) Foot-transect 1 2 3 Flush census 1 2 3 (foot-transects) Brood counts 1 2 3 Blue grouse Hooting counts 1 2 3 Brood counts 1 2 3 Spruce grouse Drumming counts 1 2 3 Brood counts 1 2 3 Prairie grouse Lek counts a) Sage grouse 1 2 3 b) Sharp-tailed 1 2 3 grouse c) Prairie chicken 1 2 3 Brood counts 2 3 Ptarmigan Territorial male call 1 2 3 play-backs Mapping territorial 1 2 3 males Foot transects 1 2 3 Brood counts 1 2 3 Which species?
1-7, in Proceedings of the prairie grouse symposium, 17-18 September 1980 (P.
Typically, the number of active leks varies among and within years for a defined population of prairie grouse (Tympanuchus spp.
prairie grouse, birds-of-paradise, cock-of-the-rock, manakins, ruffs) but also includes some chapters on less-known arena birds with remarkable displays.
While hunted "lightly," Deuce determinedly covered nearly 57 miles of open country in a little over two days in search of sharptails and prairie grouse.
Of prairie grouse, however, both the lesser prairie-chicken (recognised as Vulnerable in 2000) and the greater sage-grouse (recognised as Near Threatened in 2004) were recently recognised by the IUCN, and this global classification was associated with a threefold increase in hits between the 1990s and 2000s (see Table 3).
Prairie grouse are nowhere plentiful these days, thanks to farms, subdivisions and pavement, Hunting regulations for prairie grouse reflect a paucity of habitat nationwide.
Today the state population of prairie chickens is estimated at less than 100--affirmation of what their study found, that the population of the once numerous prairie grouse was rapidly declining, despite a hunting ban since the early 1900s.
So, perhaps not surprisingly, the opportunity to pass-shoot prairie grouse exists because of the birds' quest for food, a search that both increases in intensity and narrows in scope as fall gives way to winter.